Sunday, February 2, 2014

Far Out!'s been a reallllllly long time since I updated Sister Holmes' mission blog. However, I plan to do better! She is doing wonderfully in New Zealand! She is almost at her 9 month mark and I am stoked. I say it a lot and I'll say it again; I'm BEYOND proud of my little sis. What an example she is! Here's her most recent letter and some pictures. Enjoy :)

This week has been far out! Just when I think I have been learning a lot about myself...nek minit Heavenly Father decides I need to learn more...Its been a learning experience that is for sure! And of course miracles :)
oooo I have more respect for all those kids in seminary...I volunteered our services to teach one day they said they would let us know if they needed us...nek minit..more like next day they asked us if we could teach on Thursday. SO we did and It was really fun! We have some really outstanding youth! It was a good experience and we got them to go to school and hand out pass along cards to their friends. 

Soo you know how last week I talked about the prank on the Elders having to give talks and fast? Well we played another on our zone leaders! Whoo hoo! (Its a good thing they love us) We had district meeting on Tuesday and Sister Miggin and I usually just set everything up. We were rounding up some tables and chairs when I saw a little baby table and some little baby chairs....LIGHT BULB. We set everything up nice and neat then at the front of the room where our zone leaders sit we put the little table and chairs. They walked in and were just like what da flip! Then sat there anyway and studied before the meeting started. THEN they stepped out of the room. LIGHT BULB. We jumped up and moved the little table and chairs and replaced them with a regular table and chairs. They looked confused and amused. Elder Brann thought it was funny. I will have to show the photos. Like I said its a good thing they love us haha
Shanti was baptized on Saturday Wahooo hooo!!! She was an hour late....haha she got off work late. All goods, it worked out and there was  a huge turn out from the ward! It was beautiful. It was scheduled for 8 pm at night....then she was an hour late...but all is well! Everything went well with her confirmation :) She was so excited! I love this ward too man they are so supportive and nice to her. Its wonderful :) 
Also the heater on the font was luckily sister miggin is a boss and was able to fix it haha

BAH Our Mexican Restaurant opened up! We are going to go today! Its like legit Mexican food. I have never been so excited!
I want you all to know how much I love my companion. Sister Miggin! She is wonderful! My favourite child for sure. haha funny story..I have a few mission kids the ones I love the most and am the closest to are both Lactose intolerant. Its nuts. I wanted to take a photo of us all eating ice cream. haha we will see.
Remember Teno? She is amazing! We had not seen her a heap this week but then she came running after us yelling "Sister Holmes" I was like what the flip..I turned around and saw that it was her. Then we ran over and met up with her. We walked back to her house and had a mean lesson with her! Funny enough but more miraculous...she went to look for her Book of Mormon and she couldn't find it then she asked Garrison her partner...he said I dont know...then she said you were reading it last! He has been reading it as well which is great!
I have been getting eaten alive by bugs. Its nuts. I even got stung by a bee! The first time in my life. It hurt..but I now know I am not allergic to be stings.
I love Pukekohe 2nd ward. These people are so faithful and so amazing! I love my area! Oh Elder Russel M Neilson is coming to talk to our mission of 15- Feb! Far! I was soo excited when i found out! Whoop whoop! Gonna be amazing!

Well that is about all I can remember!
Love yous heaps! and Heaps and heaps of loveingness!
Sweet as! Kia Kaha! All of the things!
Sister Holmes :)

Sister Holmes with Nutsy the Flea Dog

Ice Cream with her companion Sister Miggins at the Coopers

Sister Miggins, Shanti, & Sister Holmes on Shanti's baptism day! :D

                                                                              The End.

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