Sunday, February 16, 2014

Flippin Days!

Email from Sister Holmes! :D I loved this one, it was good! She got to meet Elder Russel M Nelson and his wife. Lucky Duck! 
She only has EIGHT months to go! It has gone by so slow, it seems, but then again how quickly the time has gone. She's doing awesome things in New Zealand! Anyway, enjoy.

Wow. This week was soooo awesome!!!! 

I feel like I love to tell yous all my embarrassing stories or about the ridiculous things we do..The first one (yes there are a couple) We are supposed to be back to the flat at 9pm or 9:30om if we are teaching a lesson. Well we got a but carried away with the lesson and didnt realize what time it was...nek minit its 9:20 it takes us about 15 minutes to walk go the math haha. So we were walking fast and realized we would not make we needed to run. Which you know all goods, chubby missionary running home must be a sight to see haha but all was going well nek minit i bug went straight UP MY NOSE! Flip man! It hurt! Not to mention is was sick as! I think it bruised my nose! I am not even being dramatic! it hurt and I thought it was stuck in there but dot worry it wasnt haha
On Friday, we went out to a part of our area that is pretty far away, Its called Clark's Beach. It was such a beautiful area! The people were so nice!! Loved it! We stayed out there for a few hours but decided to go home around dinner time. We had to wait for the Elders to pick us up. We saw some toilets at the park and nature was calling so we ended up just waiting there for the elders. They took ages to find us! We decided to sit and wait for them..on a see saw. Bad news in a skirt. I  kept sliding up and nek minit the handle smashed my leg. Left a big as bruise. Moral of the story...not see saws in proselyting gear.
For Valentines day a Less active family got us Churros! We were really excited! The ward members love us and its great! The elders we double cover the ward with have made it a goal to be more "bubbly like the sisters" so the ward members will like them more haha We have amazing people in our ward. Love them heaps!
Friday night we got to spend the night up in Papakura because the bus was coming to pick us up at 6am the next day for the mission conference. We slept at another sisters flat. It was really fun! I did have to sleep on the floor so you know I didnt get any sleep haha I am too old to be sleepin on the floor! The next day we got up and got ready to see Russel M Nelson. Man that was the most awesome thing ever!! We were all sitting and ready then he came in and stood at the front of the chapel. Then we all got to shake his hand. We I realized what was happening that we would actually get to shake his hand oh man I was sooo nervous! But I didnt pass out so It all worked out. We got to meet his wife as well. She was saying good morning to everyone so I expected her to say it to me but when I shook her hand she said "You have been working hard. I can tell" She gave an amazing talk! All about how to feel the spirit and how to keep it in our lives. She said when you cant sleep at night dont waste time counting sheep! Alphabetize your blessings and she talked about the importance of always being positive. Which I have never understood until recently. That negativity is just so easy but so damaging! When we are positive we are choosing to see the good things Heavenly Father has blessed us with and it just makes life heaps better!
President Hamula spoke about how in the Doctrine and Covents the Lord says He will come to us through the hands of His servants. I could feel it and knowing that I was shaking hands with one of the 12 Apostles was the most amazing feeling! We left on such a spiritual high! It has inspired me to be better! I starting doing the things which he told us and it has made the biggest difference! I know that Russel M.Nelson is an apostle of the Lord. Man I wish I could tell you all the things!
Hey any of  yous heard of a movie called Mount Zion? It was filmed in the town were I serve! Pukekohe! I don't really know what it is about....but it is on the streets where I walk! Cool aye?
The faith of our investigators is amazing. We taught Teno about the law of chastity and tithing. (she is living with her partner) She had a really hard time with tithing but she said "I know that the church is true. I will pray for understanding" Which she did and she told us she is all good with is and even though she is not baptized yet she said she would still like to make donations until she is a member then she will pay tithing. Which they are really struggling financially. Her faith is mind blowing at times. Even with the Law of Chastity. she knows she has to get married before she is baptized which she was really worried about at first but know she talks about how she is going to drag her partner to get married so she can be baptized haha. Some members came over with us to see her and they were blown away by her testimony!

I wish I had time to write all the things! But this will have to do for now! haha 
Love yous all and hope you had a great week and have an even better one!!
Kia Kaha! 
Sister Holmes

Such a lovely photo! Love everything about it.

Holding a cute puppy!


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