Sunday, February 23, 2014

They taught me a hand shake...pretty sure its a gang sign....

Email and pictures from Sister Holmes! So fun to hear from her. She is doing so AWESOME! I love it. I really loved all the comments the ward members make about the missionaries! (particularly the Sisters) It's cute. Enjoy  :)

Man o Man this week may have been the best week ever. I am pretty sure. It also my have been the most humid ever. Like really. It was really hot which I feel like I can deal with the heat...but humidity. Ah nah. Its terrible! But it cooled down heaps yesterday and today. Its been beautiful! And I got my New Zealand Drivers license today! Woo hoo! Well I got my temporary one. You know, it too like 10 minutes to get it. I was worried that is was going to take know like the dmv in Nevada..nah. It was so quick and fast and the lady helping me was lovely! So nice. Go New Zealand.
We helped a lady in our ward mow her lawn and do a bit of gardening. Man (sorry if this is TMI) But we were sweating bullets! With the humidity it felt like I just hoped out of the shower! It was insane!
We have also been helping a lady from Kiribati learn English and we have been helping our neighbor learn how to read. Man cross me off the list for ever teaching english haha its pretty hard but they are so appreciate :) Its awesome! The sister that we helping read raised her hand in relief society and shared how we helped her mow her lawn(different lady than I already mentioned)  and are helping her learn to read, she started crying she was go grateful. We have the most amazing ward here in Pukekohe. No joke.
THE THOMPSONS CAME TO CHURCH! Woooo!!! Man that was the best seeing them walk into the chapel today! You know what brother Thompson said to me? He said "You know that feeling when you haven't been to church in a long time..then go and you never want to leave? Ya..I feel that" How is that for a miracle! They also this week gave us boil up and taught us how to make Moutumout or doughboys and Maori fry bread..which is just like regular fry bread..but it sounds cooler when you say Maori Fry bread...Sounds cultural haha.
We had a pretty sweet miracle Saturday night. There is this Less active in our area his name is Oakley and we had gone over to his house and met his partner who is a nonmember she is just the sweetest ever! She told us we could come back. So we did and no one was home. Bummer. Then we saw her on the street and she told us her schedule and when they would both be home. She told us she knows that he wants to go back to church and she would be willing to learn more. Then we went there Saturday night and we talked with Oakley and Rose. We asked him a bunch of questions and all that. Then the concern of the church being for families came up. That is why he stopped going because she was not a member. Then she was like I would have come with you! He was like really?? She said yes and that she would come with him. His face was beaming! He could not stop smiling after she said she would go with him. We are going to start teaching them the lessons. Boom. Miracle. Sorry that was a long story...and its a better in person story haha It made me sooo happy.
Also the little neighborhood kids run around saying "What up holmes!" "Sista holmies!" all kinds of things! All day everyday. Everywhere we go someone is yelling to me haha its great. They taught me a hand shake...pretty sure its a gang sign....they are sweet kids haha 

I had to give a talk on Sunday haha which was kinda lame becuase all the other missionaries just had to bear their testimonies but I had to give a full on talk. All goods haha Soooo our ward really really loves the missionaries. The Sisters to be exact haha poor elders haha her are the comments made in church:
"If you are having a hard time getting into a house. Use the Sisters!" Bishop Tangi in Sacrament meeting. 
"We see the Sisters everyday walking up and down the Bronx of New Zealand!" Brouther Wikaria (2nd counselor)  in Sacrament meeting

"You bring the light to the darkside! We have never had missionaries so invloved in our ward!" Brother Aupouri- Ward mission leader
"We are going to protest if they try and transfer you....ahh you too elders." Brother Jones
"I LOVE when the Sisters come for Dinner!"Sister Tangi. 
"This pie is really good!" -Elder Hester
"Oh thanks, I only make it on special occasions" Sister Tangi
"Oh so you made it because we were coming?" Elder Hester 
"No. Because the sisters where coming" Sister Tangi
Yahhh. They Love us. haha And I LOVE them!!! All of them! Our ward is soooo amazing!! We had lunch at the Jones yesterday and had a mean as lesson with their family friend and she is going to take the lessons. It was great! I think if someones hear could exploded from happiness, love and joy mine would have exploded about 50 times already this week. The gospel brings happiness just so yous all know!!
I LOVE yous all!!!!! Have a mega supah sweet as week! Love all the people, serve all the people. You will find happiness and joy that will not be able to fit into your heart. You will be leaking love juice all over the place...but its love so no one will be mad haha

Have a good one :)
Sista Holmes!

Sista Holmes!

Making doughboys!

Their Meal Calendar

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Flippin Days!

Email from Sister Holmes! :D I loved this one, it was good! She got to meet Elder Russel M Nelson and his wife. Lucky Duck! 
She only has EIGHT months to go! It has gone by so slow, it seems, but then again how quickly the time has gone. She's doing awesome things in New Zealand! Anyway, enjoy.

Wow. This week was soooo awesome!!!! 

I feel like I love to tell yous all my embarrassing stories or about the ridiculous things we do..The first one (yes there are a couple) We are supposed to be back to the flat at 9pm or 9:30om if we are teaching a lesson. Well we got a but carried away with the lesson and didnt realize what time it was...nek minit its 9:20 it takes us about 15 minutes to walk go the math haha. So we were walking fast and realized we would not make we needed to run. Which you know all goods, chubby missionary running home must be a sight to see haha but all was going well nek minit i bug went straight UP MY NOSE! Flip man! It hurt! Not to mention is was sick as! I think it bruised my nose! I am not even being dramatic! it hurt and I thought it was stuck in there but dot worry it wasnt haha
On Friday, we went out to a part of our area that is pretty far away, Its called Clark's Beach. It was such a beautiful area! The people were so nice!! Loved it! We stayed out there for a few hours but decided to go home around dinner time. We had to wait for the Elders to pick us up. We saw some toilets at the park and nature was calling so we ended up just waiting there for the elders. They took ages to find us! We decided to sit and wait for them..on a see saw. Bad news in a skirt. I  kept sliding up and nek minit the handle smashed my leg. Left a big as bruise. Moral of the story...not see saws in proselyting gear.
For Valentines day a Less active family got us Churros! We were really excited! The ward members love us and its great! The elders we double cover the ward with have made it a goal to be more "bubbly like the sisters" so the ward members will like them more haha We have amazing people in our ward. Love them heaps!
Friday night we got to spend the night up in Papakura because the bus was coming to pick us up at 6am the next day for the mission conference. We slept at another sisters flat. It was really fun! I did have to sleep on the floor so you know I didnt get any sleep haha I am too old to be sleepin on the floor! The next day we got up and got ready to see Russel M Nelson. Man that was the most awesome thing ever!! We were all sitting and ready then he came in and stood at the front of the chapel. Then we all got to shake his hand. We I realized what was happening that we would actually get to shake his hand oh man I was sooo nervous! But I didnt pass out so It all worked out. We got to meet his wife as well. She was saying good morning to everyone so I expected her to say it to me but when I shook her hand she said "You have been working hard. I can tell" She gave an amazing talk! All about how to feel the spirit and how to keep it in our lives. She said when you cant sleep at night dont waste time counting sheep! Alphabetize your blessings and she talked about the importance of always being positive. Which I have never understood until recently. That negativity is just so easy but so damaging! When we are positive we are choosing to see the good things Heavenly Father has blessed us with and it just makes life heaps better!
President Hamula spoke about how in the Doctrine and Covents the Lord says He will come to us through the hands of His servants. I could feel it and knowing that I was shaking hands with one of the 12 Apostles was the most amazing feeling! We left on such a spiritual high! It has inspired me to be better! I starting doing the things which he told us and it has made the biggest difference! I know that Russel M.Nelson is an apostle of the Lord. Man I wish I could tell you all the things!
Hey any of  yous heard of a movie called Mount Zion? It was filmed in the town were I serve! Pukekohe! I don't really know what it is about....but it is on the streets where I walk! Cool aye?
The faith of our investigators is amazing. We taught Teno about the law of chastity and tithing. (she is living with her partner) She had a really hard time with tithing but she said "I know that the church is true. I will pray for understanding" Which she did and she told us she is all good with is and even though she is not baptized yet she said she would still like to make donations until she is a member then she will pay tithing. Which they are really struggling financially. Her faith is mind blowing at times. Even with the Law of Chastity. she knows she has to get married before she is baptized which she was really worried about at first but know she talks about how she is going to drag her partner to get married so she can be baptized haha. Some members came over with us to see her and they were blown away by her testimony!

I wish I had time to write all the things! But this will have to do for now! haha 
Love yous all and hope you had a great week and have an even better one!!
Kia Kaha! 
Sister Holmes

Such a lovely photo! Love everything about it.

Holding a cute puppy!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

"You Got What the Maoris call..."

Woo hoo! Email from Sister Holmes! This is a good one. I loved that her prank backfired. She's almost at her 9 month mark which means she's halfway done! It's gone by so slowly, it seems, but then again it's gone rather quickly. She's doing an amazing job and is touching so many lives with her personality and spirit. I LOVE IT! Enjoy the email, it's a good one! No pictures this week, unfortunately.

We watched a Mormon Message at Zone meeting this week and It was by President Utchdorf. He said " We will be able to do all things through Christ who strengthens us"
Which reminded me of a scripture I thought I would share with yous today. It is in Ether 12  
          27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their aweakness. I bgive unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my cgrace is sufficient for all men that dhumble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make eweak things become strong unto them.
He gives us weakness so we can be humble! But we can be made strong! We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us :)
Speaking of Zone meeting....I thought I was going to be funny right. I love to think I am funny haha so for Zone meeting I had brought this dress from the opp shop (thrift store) It was $2 and worth every penny. Anyway it looks like it is from the 80s or something (Not super sure on the time era..) It goes down to my ankles is blue and white checked, buttons up the front and there is a tie in the back. Its just really old school. So got it as kind of a joke for Zone meeting. Then Sister Miggin got one as well! We thought we would be so funny. I even wore a cardigan! That plus my glasses I looked like a old school librarian. Guess how many people thought it was funny. 2. Sister Miggin and I hahahaha everyone else loved my dress. We has comments such as "You look so beautiful! I love your dress" From one of the sisters and "that's a mean dress sister Holmes!" From one of the Elders. All goods. Have to think of a better prank next time haha
This week was good though. Heaps of miracles! Its been hot as however! Sooo Flippin hot.  It was Waitangi day on Thursday. All I know is that Waitangi day is in celebration of the signing of the treaty of Waitangi between the Pakeha (white people) and the Maoris.
Sister Miggin has been a tad on the sick side. We went and saw Teno and Sister Miggin made mention that she was not feeling well and told Teno her symptoms. Teno diagnosed her(....hopefully no one is offended by this...haha) she says "You got what the Maori call the runs!" We has another lesson with her and her partner Garrison (the one read the Book of Mormon) Sat in the whole time and asked heaps of questions. She keeps saying how much she just wants to plant the seed in him so he can grow his faith. Her Sister in law is also investigating in the other ward. Teno went to one of the lessons and told the missionaries where to read about the fall in the Book of Mormon! We had talked about it before and she remembered where it was! haha Crack up! She is sharing the gospel with all the people! Its that best!
Man so mission gossip is a pretty big thing. Everyone wants to know all the things about all the people. Its nuts really. I think its becoming a really big problem. And I can see how devastatingly negative it can be to a companionship, to a district, zone and even a mission. Its nuts! My companion and I decided that no more! We would not instigate or participate in any gossip. With others and even in our companionship. It was hard at first. BUT I can see how much our companionship has grown and even just how much it benefits those around us. Repent and move forward everyday! I am exceedingly joyful that we have the opportunity to learn and grow. Repent and move forward. That we can learn from mistakes and become better.
Valentines Day is this Friday so I wanted to just express my love for all of yous! Man yous are da best! I have come to learn on my mission that it is all about LOVE and Charity. Which is the pure love of Christ. Cheesy aye? Its all about love! God loves us so He sent us here so we can become like Him. He loves us so He gave us a plan to follow and a way to return.

1 John 4:1010 Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

He sent His son to die for us as apart of that plan. Christ suffered and died for us why? Because He loves us and God. We keeps the commandments and make promises with God because we love Him! When we follow God and keep His commandments we show our love. We have love in our families and for our friends. Our lives are so much more fulfilling when motivated by love and charity. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care!
I love yous all and I hope you know that!
Have a wonderful week!

Sister Holmes :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

"No I want to watch this on TV"

Well this Christmas was AWESOME! Talking to Sister Holmes was one of the best gifts I've ever received. We skyped with her, except somehow something wasn't working on her end so we could hear her but couldn't see her! But she could see us. I think she preferred it that way though. What a blessing modern technology is! I'm excited that she'll be here to celebrate next Christmas with us :) here's her email and some pictures.

The Subject line is a rejection we got from tracking...we asked a lady if we could share a message with her about Jesus Christ and She says "No, I want to watch this on TV" then she walked away. It was funny as. Then we were talking with this young guy and he was like aw you are bad as but I dont want any Jesus Pamphlets. haha at least he was nice about it! 

Wow. This week has been...a challenge. We had transfers this past Thursday. Found out I was gettin another daughter I still have Sister Pearce. So we are in a Tripanionship. I was nervous. Our new companion is Sister Miggin. She is from Utah and she is great! She is 22 and a hoot. Didn't figure that out until yesterday. Sister Pearce has been having a really hard time adjusting to there being 3 of us so these last couple of days have been hell. It was soo awkward we couldn't not even function. It WAS TERRIBLE!!! Because I am the trainer of both of these sisters I was feeling all the burden on me and I felt like a joke because nothing seemed to be going right and all 3 of us where miserable. Through much prayer and crying unto Heavenly Father to help we had a miracle. We all wanted to badly for this to work that it did. Yesterday was amazing. We had miracles in our day and we have soo much fun together! The last 3 days have been the hardest days of my mission thus far. BUT I have also learned more about myself and the kind of person I need to be. Its  my own little Christmas Miracle. Well actually its a HUGE AS miracle.
I have looked back and was thinking about the last few days. Like I said they have been hard. Trying to find unity  so that we can teach and feel the spirit. I wanted to give up to be honest with you. I begged and pleaded with Heavenly Father to know what to do.
I know that Heavenly Father has helped me. Helped us. I was able to turn my thoughts toward the Saviour. In Luke 9:23
            And He said to them all if any man will come after me, let Him deny himself and take up His cross DAILY and follow me. 
He says we have to take up our cross DAILY AND FOLLOW HIM.  Some days its going to be really hard. We are going to think that our cross is to heavy a burden to bear. But Life is not meant to be easy because Salvation is NOT a cheap experience. (Elder Holland) We have to go thought so much less that our Saviour but He wants us to lean on Him and follow Him. We don't have to carry our burdens alone. 
I have learned that I need to follow more closely the example of Jesus Christ.  I have learned to be PATIENT with my weaknesses. HUMBLE enough to to plead with Heavenly Father for help. Love Him enough to show love to my companions. 
(not a very touchy feely person...but sometimes people need hugs) and ask Him for guidance. I need to have HOPE and FAITH in a better tomorrow and trust in Heavenly Father to guide me. CHARITY and LOVE for my sisters. KNOWLEDGE that Heavenly Father loves me enough to help me. I have learned to be DILIGENT in finding ways to help my sisters and myself grow. All of these things would have been impossible without OBEDIENCE to Heavenly Father and the mission rules.
I am amazed with how much Heavenly Father could help me learn in just 3 days. I have come to love Sister Pearce and Sister Miggin so much. I have learned so much from each of them. They are amazing and we will have much success and all be better because of our service together.
In other news. I am a Grandma..That escalated quickly. I don't get all this mission family stuff.. but here it the run down of my family tree
2 Daughters  -Pearce
                       - Miggin
1 Adopted Daughter -AhQuin
2 Sons -Brann 
1 Grandson -Branns Son whom I have never met.
Maybe one day I will understand this whole mission family tree stuff. Maybe not haha
One last thing before I stop pestering yous with my words. I have been thinking about The Innkeeper and how he said that there was no room in the Inn. Then I think do I have room in the Inn of my life for the Saviour? Do I leave a place for Him in my heart? I hope we can all focus on the Saviour a little more this season and remember all that He has done for US and all that we are grateful for.
I am grateful for all of yous and all that yous do for me :) I am grateful for My Heavenly Father and how much He loves me even when I make silly mistakes. That He forgives me and still wants me to be happy. I am grateful for the most wonderful family ever I think Heavenly Father knew I would need heaps of help so He had to give me the best :)
I am grateful for the knowledge and faith I have in the gospel and in the atonement of Jesus Christ. And much much more.
I wish you all a Very Very Merry Christmas! I will be sweating on Christmas so if you are cold right now be jealous! haha jokes. LOVE YOUS ALL!!!!
:) :) Sister Holmes :) :)

day before Transfers

Far Out!'s been a reallllllly long time since I updated Sister Holmes' mission blog. However, I plan to do better! She is doing wonderfully in New Zealand! She is almost at her 9 month mark and I am stoked. I say it a lot and I'll say it again; I'm BEYOND proud of my little sis. What an example she is! Here's her most recent letter and some pictures. Enjoy :)

This week has been far out! Just when I think I have been learning a lot about myself...nek minit Heavenly Father decides I need to learn more...Its been a learning experience that is for sure! And of course miracles :)
oooo I have more respect for all those kids in seminary...I volunteered our services to teach one day they said they would let us know if they needed us...nek minit..more like next day they asked us if we could teach on Thursday. SO we did and It was really fun! We have some really outstanding youth! It was a good experience and we got them to go to school and hand out pass along cards to their friends. 

Soo you know how last week I talked about the prank on the Elders having to give talks and fast? Well we played another on our zone leaders! Whoo hoo! (Its a good thing they love us) We had district meeting on Tuesday and Sister Miggin and I usually just set everything up. We were rounding up some tables and chairs when I saw a little baby table and some little baby chairs....LIGHT BULB. We set everything up nice and neat then at the front of the room where our zone leaders sit we put the little table and chairs. They walked in and were just like what da flip! Then sat there anyway and studied before the meeting started. THEN they stepped out of the room. LIGHT BULB. We jumped up and moved the little table and chairs and replaced them with a regular table and chairs. They looked confused and amused. Elder Brann thought it was funny. I will have to show the photos. Like I said its a good thing they love us haha
Shanti was baptized on Saturday Wahooo hooo!!! She was an hour late....haha she got off work late. All goods, it worked out and there was  a huge turn out from the ward! It was beautiful. It was scheduled for 8 pm at night....then she was an hour late...but all is well! Everything went well with her confirmation :) She was so excited! I love this ward too man they are so supportive and nice to her. Its wonderful :) 
Also the heater on the font was luckily sister miggin is a boss and was able to fix it haha

BAH Our Mexican Restaurant opened up! We are going to go today! Its like legit Mexican food. I have never been so excited!
I want you all to know how much I love my companion. Sister Miggin! She is wonderful! My favourite child for sure. haha funny story..I have a few mission kids the ones I love the most and am the closest to are both Lactose intolerant. Its nuts. I wanted to take a photo of us all eating ice cream. haha we will see.
Remember Teno? She is amazing! We had not seen her a heap this week but then she came running after us yelling "Sister Holmes" I was like what the flip..I turned around and saw that it was her. Then we ran over and met up with her. We walked back to her house and had a mean lesson with her! Funny enough but more miraculous...she went to look for her Book of Mormon and she couldn't find it then she asked Garrison her partner...he said I dont know...then she said you were reading it last! He has been reading it as well which is great!
I have been getting eaten alive by bugs. Its nuts. I even got stung by a bee! The first time in my life. It hurt..but I now know I am not allergic to be stings.
I love Pukekohe 2nd ward. These people are so faithful and so amazing! I love my area! Oh Elder Russel M Neilson is coming to talk to our mission of 15- Feb! Far! I was soo excited when i found out! Whoop whoop! Gonna be amazing!

Well that is about all I can remember!
Love yous heaps! and Heaps and heaps of loveingness!
Sweet as! Kia Kaha! All of the things!
Sister Holmes :)

Sister Holmes with Nutsy the Flea Dog

Ice Cream with her companion Sister Miggins at the Coopers

Sister Miggins, Shanti, & Sister Holmes on Shanti's baptism day! :D

                                                                              The End.