Sunday, February 2, 2014

"No I want to watch this on TV"

Well this Christmas was AWESOME! Talking to Sister Holmes was one of the best gifts I've ever received. We skyped with her, except somehow something wasn't working on her end so we could hear her but couldn't see her! But she could see us. I think she preferred it that way though. What a blessing modern technology is! I'm excited that she'll be here to celebrate next Christmas with us :) here's her email and some pictures.

The Subject line is a rejection we got from tracking...we asked a lady if we could share a message with her about Jesus Christ and She says "No, I want to watch this on TV" then she walked away. It was funny as. Then we were talking with this young guy and he was like aw you are bad as but I dont want any Jesus Pamphlets. haha at least he was nice about it! 

Wow. This week has been...a challenge. We had transfers this past Thursday. Found out I was gettin another daughter I still have Sister Pearce. So we are in a Tripanionship. I was nervous. Our new companion is Sister Miggin. She is from Utah and she is great! She is 22 and a hoot. Didn't figure that out until yesterday. Sister Pearce has been having a really hard time adjusting to there being 3 of us so these last couple of days have been hell. It was soo awkward we couldn't not even function. It WAS TERRIBLE!!! Because I am the trainer of both of these sisters I was feeling all the burden on me and I felt like a joke because nothing seemed to be going right and all 3 of us where miserable. Through much prayer and crying unto Heavenly Father to help we had a miracle. We all wanted to badly for this to work that it did. Yesterday was amazing. We had miracles in our day and we have soo much fun together! The last 3 days have been the hardest days of my mission thus far. BUT I have also learned more about myself and the kind of person I need to be. Its  my own little Christmas Miracle. Well actually its a HUGE AS miracle.
I have looked back and was thinking about the last few days. Like I said they have been hard. Trying to find unity  so that we can teach and feel the spirit. I wanted to give up to be honest with you. I begged and pleaded with Heavenly Father to know what to do.
I know that Heavenly Father has helped me. Helped us. I was able to turn my thoughts toward the Saviour. In Luke 9:23
            And He said to them all if any man will come after me, let Him deny himself and take up His cross DAILY and follow me. 
He says we have to take up our cross DAILY AND FOLLOW HIM.  Some days its going to be really hard. We are going to think that our cross is to heavy a burden to bear. But Life is not meant to be easy because Salvation is NOT a cheap experience. (Elder Holland) We have to go thought so much less that our Saviour but He wants us to lean on Him and follow Him. We don't have to carry our burdens alone. 
I have learned that I need to follow more closely the example of Jesus Christ.  I have learned to be PATIENT with my weaknesses. HUMBLE enough to to plead with Heavenly Father for help. Love Him enough to show love to my companions. 
(not a very touchy feely person...but sometimes people need hugs) and ask Him for guidance. I need to have HOPE and FAITH in a better tomorrow and trust in Heavenly Father to guide me. CHARITY and LOVE for my sisters. KNOWLEDGE that Heavenly Father loves me enough to help me. I have learned to be DILIGENT in finding ways to help my sisters and myself grow. All of these things would have been impossible without OBEDIENCE to Heavenly Father and the mission rules.
I am amazed with how much Heavenly Father could help me learn in just 3 days. I have come to love Sister Pearce and Sister Miggin so much. I have learned so much from each of them. They are amazing and we will have much success and all be better because of our service together.
In other news. I am a Grandma..That escalated quickly. I don't get all this mission family stuff.. but here it the run down of my family tree
2 Daughters  -Pearce
                       - Miggin
1 Adopted Daughter -AhQuin
2 Sons -Brann 
1 Grandson -Branns Son whom I have never met.
Maybe one day I will understand this whole mission family tree stuff. Maybe not haha
One last thing before I stop pestering yous with my words. I have been thinking about The Innkeeper and how he said that there was no room in the Inn. Then I think do I have room in the Inn of my life for the Saviour? Do I leave a place for Him in my heart? I hope we can all focus on the Saviour a little more this season and remember all that He has done for US and all that we are grateful for.
I am grateful for all of yous and all that yous do for me :) I am grateful for My Heavenly Father and how much He loves me even when I make silly mistakes. That He forgives me and still wants me to be happy. I am grateful for the most wonderful family ever I think Heavenly Father knew I would need heaps of help so He had to give me the best :)
I am grateful for the knowledge and faith I have in the gospel and in the atonement of Jesus Christ. And much much more.
I wish you all a Very Very Merry Christmas! I will be sweating on Christmas so if you are cold right now be jealous! haha jokes. LOVE YOUS ALL!!!!
:) :) Sister Holmes :) :)

day before Transfers

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