Sunday, December 15, 2013

I am getting married!!

One thing I really love about Sister Holmes' emails is that she can be both completely hilarious and goofy in one paragraph, but then do a complete 180 and be so spiritual. The words to the hymn she included brought a tear or two to my eye. I love that no matter WHERE you go, the gospel is true. We sing the same songs, read the same amazing Books, believe, pray, and progress. It's wonderful. I'm thankful that I have a spectacular younger sister who is bringing the people of New Zealand to Christ. I know she was meant to be a missionary. Anyway, enjoy this fabulous email. 
OH. the little dork totally opened her Christmas package! not really surprised though. That girl hasn't changed :)

Ahh jokes!! But the other day when we talking on the street and we stopped and talked to this guy and when we were leaving I asked if there was anything I could do for him and he says "If I was 20 Years younger I would ask you to marry me." I just said ahh man I am a bit too late aye?? haha jokes I didnt say that... anyway...
So we have got some mean street credit now. Everyone knows us and is supah nice to us.  Its great!!! I love my area! We see miracles EVERY DAY!!!! We found 4 new people to teach this week with is awesome!!! We have had some really good miricles that came in the form of being a PAIN IN THE BACK SIDE!!! Man so our garage is pretty...not we went to ride our bikes nek minit garage wouldnt close..then the Elders were nice enough to come fix it for we went about our day then went to bring our bikes back and what do ya know busted again!! Only this time we had locked our selves out..because we didn't unbolt the front poor elders offered to come back and help..all of this made us late for our teaching appointment we had set for 4pm. We ended up gettin there at 4:20ish..then our investigator was not there! D: Sadness in the land!! So we thought that we had missed him but as we are walking away he pulls up!! He has gotten held up doing something and thought he missed us as well!! We went on with the lesson and it was mean!! Such an awesome lesson that would have been missed if our garage was not a pain in the butt. Heavenly Father loves all His children! Even me haha that other day I was saying how I wanted McDonalds(..which I have never said before In my life but it sounded good!) Nek Minit. A member brought us some for dinner :)
We had a lesson with Sarah one of our investigators and it was MEAN!!! We invited her to be baptised and she said yes! She is going to be baptised on 4-jan-2013 she is sooo excited! I am too!! She is awesome!
We had zone p-day today!! I was a hoot. Getting there was a pain we had to ride our bikes...then take a train..then ride out bikes to the chapel ...then ride our bikes to the it was HOT AS today! But we played kick ball and it was heaps and heaps of fun!! My team Pukekohe district won! Whoop whoop! Maybe because we had the most Americans and non one else really knew how to play. haha Last week we played touch and that was fun!! We are going to play again this week as well! Touch rugby..but it turns into you accidentally run into people because you cant stop and they cant stop. Heaps of fun!
Man this was just a mega awesome supah greatly amazing week!! We sang How Great Thou Art. man I started hit me pretty hard:
"And when I think of God His son not sparing, sent him to die I scarce cant take it in. That on the Cross my burdens gladly bearing he bled and died to take away my sin
When Christ shall come with shout of acclamation, and take me home what joy shall fill my hear! Then I shall bow in humble adoration and there proclaim by God how great thou art.
Then Sings my Soul my Saviour God to thee, how great thou art. How great thou art. Then Sings my soul my Saviour God to thee. How great thou art. How great thou art!"
I thought about the words of this song for a good while and man it just really hit me how He Gladly took my sin. He bled and died for me and one day He will come again to take me home. Isnt the gospel wonderful??? Yes, the answer is yes :)
Did anyone find that Scripture I asked about last week??? Well here is the answer 

Matthew 23:24 

You are welcome haha 
Oh ya! We went and had a mean as service project with our District out in Waiuku which is like 20 minutes away from our flat. It was pretty cool we went and scrubbed paint and vandalism off a bridge! Which was hard work but fun! They put this chemical on it that breaks down the paint. Fun stuff and someone saw us doing it and went and talked to their friend about the mormon church than came to church!!! Miracles! 
Hmm what else is there...I cant remember!! Too much awesomeness in one week! And Man it went by fast as!
Oh you know Joy to the World that could have been written by a kiwi ( I know it wasn't) but it says "Far AS far AS" haha sang that the other day and noticed that haha 
Well If there was anything supah awesome that I forgot to write I will remember and Tell ya next week haha 
Love yous all!!! Have a supah awesomely amazing week!!! 
Remember Jesus Is the reason for the season! 

Love Sister Holmes :) :) 

Super cute! & she's not making a goofy face


This one is super cute, too :)

and then there's this. 

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