Sunday, February 23, 2014

They taught me a hand shake...pretty sure its a gang sign....

Email and pictures from Sister Holmes! So fun to hear from her. She is doing so AWESOME! I love it. I really loved all the comments the ward members make about the missionaries! (particularly the Sisters) It's cute. Enjoy  :)

Man o Man this week may have been the best week ever. I am pretty sure. It also my have been the most humid ever. Like really. It was really hot which I feel like I can deal with the heat...but humidity. Ah nah. Its terrible! But it cooled down heaps yesterday and today. Its been beautiful! And I got my New Zealand Drivers license today! Woo hoo! Well I got my temporary one. You know, it too like 10 minutes to get it. I was worried that is was going to take know like the dmv in Nevada..nah. It was so quick and fast and the lady helping me was lovely! So nice. Go New Zealand.
We helped a lady in our ward mow her lawn and do a bit of gardening. Man (sorry if this is TMI) But we were sweating bullets! With the humidity it felt like I just hoped out of the shower! It was insane!
We have also been helping a lady from Kiribati learn English and we have been helping our neighbor learn how to read. Man cross me off the list for ever teaching english haha its pretty hard but they are so appreciate :) Its awesome! The sister that we helping read raised her hand in relief society and shared how we helped her mow her lawn(different lady than I already mentioned)  and are helping her learn to read, she started crying she was go grateful. We have the most amazing ward here in Pukekohe. No joke.
THE THOMPSONS CAME TO CHURCH! Woooo!!! Man that was the best seeing them walk into the chapel today! You know what brother Thompson said to me? He said "You know that feeling when you haven't been to church in a long time..then go and you never want to leave? Ya..I feel that" How is that for a miracle! They also this week gave us boil up and taught us how to make Moutumout or doughboys and Maori fry bread..which is just like regular fry bread..but it sounds cooler when you say Maori Fry bread...Sounds cultural haha.
We had a pretty sweet miracle Saturday night. There is this Less active in our area his name is Oakley and we had gone over to his house and met his partner who is a nonmember she is just the sweetest ever! She told us we could come back. So we did and no one was home. Bummer. Then we saw her on the street and she told us her schedule and when they would both be home. She told us she knows that he wants to go back to church and she would be willing to learn more. Then we went there Saturday night and we talked with Oakley and Rose. We asked him a bunch of questions and all that. Then the concern of the church being for families came up. That is why he stopped going because she was not a member. Then she was like I would have come with you! He was like really?? She said yes and that she would come with him. His face was beaming! He could not stop smiling after she said she would go with him. We are going to start teaching them the lessons. Boom. Miracle. Sorry that was a long story...and its a better in person story haha It made me sooo happy.
Also the little neighborhood kids run around saying "What up holmes!" "Sista holmies!" all kinds of things! All day everyday. Everywhere we go someone is yelling to me haha its great. They taught me a hand shake...pretty sure its a gang sign....they are sweet kids haha 

I had to give a talk on Sunday haha which was kinda lame becuase all the other missionaries just had to bear their testimonies but I had to give a full on talk. All goods haha Soooo our ward really really loves the missionaries. The Sisters to be exact haha poor elders haha her are the comments made in church:
"If you are having a hard time getting into a house. Use the Sisters!" Bishop Tangi in Sacrament meeting. 
"We see the Sisters everyday walking up and down the Bronx of New Zealand!" Brouther Wikaria (2nd counselor)  in Sacrament meeting

"You bring the light to the darkside! We have never had missionaries so invloved in our ward!" Brother Aupouri- Ward mission leader
"We are going to protest if they try and transfer you....ahh you too elders." Brother Jones
"I LOVE when the Sisters come for Dinner!"Sister Tangi. 
"This pie is really good!" -Elder Hester
"Oh thanks, I only make it on special occasions" Sister Tangi
"Oh so you made it because we were coming?" Elder Hester 
"No. Because the sisters where coming" Sister Tangi
Yahhh. They Love us. haha And I LOVE them!!! All of them! Our ward is soooo amazing!! We had lunch at the Jones yesterday and had a mean as lesson with their family friend and she is going to take the lessons. It was great! I think if someones hear could exploded from happiness, love and joy mine would have exploded about 50 times already this week. The gospel brings happiness just so yous all know!!
I LOVE yous all!!!!! Have a mega supah sweet as week! Love all the people, serve all the people. You will find happiness and joy that will not be able to fit into your heart. You will be leaking love juice all over the place...but its love so no one will be mad haha

Have a good one :)
Sista Holmes!

Sista Holmes!

Making doughboys!

Their Meal Calendar

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