Thursday, October 17, 2013

Boom. Kick to the Spirit bone!

here is Sister Holmes' email for the week! Super good to hear from her :) she sent a few pictures but she only let me put 3 of them on the blog. & i don't particularly feel like having her mad at me! Enjoy :D

Subject line...Elder Wasden in district meeting. To which sister ah Q and I have to say "ooo burn" haha get it? haha hopefully.... anyway...

This week was...WET. the Sunny and Warm weather? That was a joke..haha the day I wrote that it rained. Then rained everyday since. I dont think I have seen so much rain. Ever. Its funny because cant even use umbrellas because  its we just get wet! But anyway. The rain actually led to a faith building experience. DON'T LAUGH. It may sound a little but silly. But here it goes. (Sorry its kind of long)
        Saturday morning was a particularly rainy day. We were having companion study that morning. It was also the morning of General Conference. We looked out the window and what did we see?? What appeared to be buckets upon buckets of water being dropped from the sky! Then it started to hail! I was less than excited to brace the weather outside to walk to the chapel. Okay lets be real. I really really did not want to go outside. We finished our companion study then closed with a prayer. I remember thinking after the prayer "I have the faith that the rain will stop if it be God's will" (I know sounds lame as) We then gathered out things to head to the chapel ready to face the weather and get soaked as! However, by the time we were out the door there was a break in the weather. The Sun peaked around the clouds. We then made out way (quickly) to the chapel. Got there safe and dry! It may seem silly or nothing more than "good timing" or even a "happy Coincidence" but it was an experience I treasured. It once again testified to me that Heavenly Father Knows me. He knows who I am, what I am going through, my heart and my desires haha and even  that I needed a little break from getting rained on. Most importantly He loves me. While I know that He wont always stop the storms and they may not pass as quickly as I would like. Heavenly Father is mindful of me. No matter what.
Again I have realized how much Heavenly Father loves His missionaries. I lost my pocket hymn book (sorry Grandma) I lost it over a month ago. I had prayed and prayed to find it. Then all of the sudden someone found it! Which was a miracle because of how long ago I had lost it AND my name was not in in. Boom. Also in 3 Nephi 13:31-33 is says. 
 31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?
 32 For your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.
33 But aseek ye first the bkingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

It seems that when ever we stand in need of food or someone is ALWAYS there with a meal. With out us even asking. I dont really need more food....haha but There is always someone prepared to help us.
We had another lesson with Rachel. She is so great! She made us peppermint fudge which was nice of her. She is really progressing well and we are meeting with her again Tuesday! :) 

LOVED .LOVED. LOVED. Conference. A few of my favorite quotes (We didnt get to watch all of it yet)
         * Doubt your Doubts before you Doubt your faith! 
         * Never look back. Look at what we still have to do. (Endure to the End!!)
         * The past is to be learned from, but not lived in. 
         * Faith is always pointing us to the future.
Boom. Kick to the Spirit bone! 

Oh a member got us Hangi. (that is one of the times we needed food and they are like hey we got you Hangi!) What is Hangi you may ask? Well its when they put all the food in the ground and smoke it.Usually a big pig. I have had it twice. I think if you do it well it comes out and taste like food and not just like fire. haha they call it Imu in Hawaii .
Also Sister Ah Q and I have started to do video journals. SO that's a hoot and a half.
Oh! I had to give a tour to a lady who works in the Church History Centre...stressful! I had to do the History portion. BUT good news! She said I did Lovely! Hazza for History! 

Oh, I had two people come in that I had some sort of connection to. One guy came in and Knew a friend from back home. Then Fridaynight a women that I met on Facebook came in!! (She lives in Auckland and gave me a lot of advice on what to bring) It was pretty cool!!
This week was good. Looking Forward to what we still have to do! Remember I love you! You are great! I am very lucky to have such supportive family and friends! Have a great week! Remember to share the gospel with all!  Love ya heaps!
Sister Holmes! 
Kia Kaha. Stay Classy.
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Sista Holmes & Sista Ah Quin

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

You always just look so happy!

All caught up! I'll never hold off on putting her emails up again! Although it was fun to reread all her emails. Anyway, here's some fun pictures and her email for the week! MISS THIS GIRL like CRAZY!!

Well I must say that the Propolis Herbal Elixir worked quite well. I am almost back to 100% Wahoo! 

The subject line comes from an Elder that came into the VC. He comes in quite often but he came in on Sunday for the fireside, shook my hand and said to me "You always just look so happy!" Then I was like huh. Well thats cool. Especially since I feel happy and I am sharing the gospel of HAPPINESS!!! haha But that made me feel good, I just remember what President Rudd told us. To smile! Tell your face that you are happy!! 

I cannot believe it is October! The best part about October is General Conference. BUT! Sadness in the land!! Because of the time difference it is not being broadcast in NZ until the 13th and the 14th! MAH! so sad! I am really pumped to watch it this weekend though! It will be great!! 

Personal Study has become my most favorite thing. Ever. I get super excited everyday that I have a whole hour to just study! Man, if you had told me I would love studying at 8 in the morning I would have laughed..probably in your face..but I can see now just how much that study time benefits my day and I learn soooo much! Its amazing! I Started the Book of Mormon in the MTC and just finished it last week. I was sad..but then I realized. Hey. I get to start over! But this morning a read a article in this months Ensign. Don't laugh but it made me cry! Its Called "Thorny Paths" She talks about how she had to carry her son who has Down Syndrome over thorns and away from danger. Then relates its to our own lives. She said "I realized that in our lives we sometimes run headlong into dangerous situations. We may be warned by family, friends and church leaders yet we often fail to heed their call, stubbornly believing that our desires will not lead us into danger. At times we get so far into trouble that we simply cannot get out on our own and we must rely completely on the Savior." Many paths lead us away. Sometimes we feel like we cannot move forward or even back. But Christ reached out to save. We just have to reach back to Him and be willing to BE saved. We have to remember He loves us and is there to help us when we cannot move or may be surrounded by thorny paths. He will help us. He will make us strong to overcome our weakness. He loves us with a perfect love. 

So...I may have complained about the weather being super cold and rainy...well NONE of the this week!! Its been perfect! I even got a nice farmers tan! Or...missionary tan if you will. haha Its been all Sun and Blue skies! Wonderful! 

Sister Ah Quin and I went and did service for a lady in one of our wards. She is great. Working on coming back to church. We helped her plant a garden. We had to pull some weed first and a slug just jumped out of no where! I almost had a heart attack.I don't think I have told you this but Sister Ah Quin had a pretty huge fear of spiders...she hate them which is bad news because NZ has heaps upon heaps of them! Sooo Nek Minut! She was laying this tarp out so I took that opportunity to mess with her...(because I am terrible) But all I did was say. "Oh! Spider!" hahaha her reaction? Priceless! She dove out of the way and almost knocked me over in the process! We I did most of the planting. I felt bad...but it was quite funny. Then she threw a snail at me..sick. 

We had some new neighbors move in! They are suuupah less active and have been since they were little. They want us to come over and read the Book of Mormon with them so they can learn more! They have been through a lot and want to make some changes in their lives! Love it. 

Being in the VC we get to see a lot of the missionaries when they come it right? Well the Assistants brought a nonmember and LA mum in to watch a movie. Well they called the night before to tell me they were bringing someone in at 6, The nonmember and Mum came in a little before 6 and waited around. But the assistants where running late so I just started the movie. Then the assistants come rolling up at like 6:15ish and they asked where they were. Naturally I said "oh...well..they were here but you were taking too they left..." I didn't let them freak out too long before I said "Nah, jokes they are watching the movie in the theatre" haha good times. 

We had out investigator Rachel come to the VC for a lesson. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and She is really excited to read it! She also came to a fireside we had at the VC Yesternight (the is my word of the day from the Book Of Mormon) she really enjoyed it! She is so great! Its amazing to see the hope that the gospel brings to someones life!! 

I met a girl named Katie. She is 14 and just great! We hung out at the VC she just clung to me and said she wanted me to be her big sister! Such a sweetie! But being with her made me miss my hoodlums! (my brothers and sisters..) Then It made me grateful to Heavenly Father for blessing me with the Best family for me. He knows me more than anyone so He knew I needed to have the best family and friends. And that is what He has given me! I don't know how often I tell my family just how much I love them..but I do love them Heaps!! At least 3 heaps. (which is quite alot) haha I am so grateful for this gospel and the privilege I have to bring it to the people in NZ! Such a tremendous blessing!! Love it and love you all!

Always Remember:
#1 Him. Our Savior and Redeemer. 
#2 Heavenly Father loves you and I do too <3
#3 Who you are and what you stand for!
#4 Smile!
#5 You are all the BEST! 

Have a supah Amazing week! you deserve it! But even if its not supah awesome, call upon Heavenly Father for help! Reach out to Christ! 

Love ya heaps! 
Kia Kaha! 
Sister Holmes

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Propolis Herbal Elixir

Okay this whole coughing fiasco really made me laugh. I remember the incident she eluded to about how our mom had to corner her in the laundry room just so she would take the darn liquid medicine...She was crying and being SO dramatic. I couldn't help but laugh, secretly of course. Oh, how I miss her! Well, here's her email from the week of 9/29.

Hmm so I have been sick for like a week right? My cough is the one thing that just wont leave me alone!! But you know the work must go on ay? We went and visited a less active in the Maynard ward. Try as I might I could not keep the coughing at bay. She then told me she has this medicine that is all she ever uses and it works every time. She is a nurse so I was like cool! What is it? She brings out this bottle of Propolis Herbal Elixir. For those of you who know me really well you will now that I DO NOT take liquid medication. I Refuse. I would rather be sick. Any ways she hands me the bottle and a giant spoon....tells me to take some now and then take it every 4 hours!! Da Heck! I was panicking! In my head I was trying to think how in the world I was going to gag this stuff down!! (The last time I remember taking liquid medicine was many years ago and my mom had to corner me in the laundry room to take it and I am sure none of it ended up in my mouth...) I Open the bottle. Smelled it...bad Idea. It smelled Vile! I was terrified I was not going to be able to get it down!. But Blessings. I was able to get it down while EVERYONE WATCHED! It actually was only like 85% as bad as it smelled. It seems to have helped a little..I just need to take it more so that It can work faster. But There is your kicks and giggles for this week! Gotta start if off right! 

This week was great!! We have a new investigator and she is really keen!! We taught her at the VC on Tuesday and it was such an awesome lesson!!! She is coming back this Tuesday to learn more! She is one of those people who are prepared to receive the gospel! Her name is Rachel. I am really excited for her next lesson :D 

We also have been working with a recent convert who just moved here from Australia. She is in her 60s and is Indian but lived in Australia for most of her life. We always have a good time with her. We taught her a song and sort of dance this last time call Father Abraham. Which another family taught to us. I will have to show you when I get some..its a crack up! 

Oh yes. Transfers! Well they were on Thursday. Not much changed here. They did take Sister Swindler away. Heavenly Father knew what she needed and because He knows I will accept that He had to take her away haha She really is one of my best friends! The Area President came and spoke to us at zone conference he said that the people we serve with on our missions will become eternal relationships and they will never be forgotten. Its very true! I have never had good luck with picking the best of Friends but It seems Heavenly Father has blessed me with heaps of wonderful new friends! So now I can have friends in addition to my family. Even though they are still my bestest best friends. haha Okay sorry that was a random short. I am still in Temple View with Sister Ah Quin! This next transfer is 8 weeks! We have heaps of time to make a difference here once again! I love the View! 

Oh yes and now I actually have a district leader and TWO Zone leaders! haha Which is normal. But My whole time out I Have never had a district leader and only one zone leader or no zone leaders. haha 

Saturday in the VC was great! We are back to having 4 companionship in the VC. Which is great for Sundays because there are always heaps of people! I gave tour to Sister Qaqa investigator which was really cool! She was great! Then An Indian man came in with his none member Brother and Mother who were visiting from Fiji. That was really cool too!! Gotta love the power of the VC!!  

We had a baptism last night! Praise Peters! She is 13. The baptism was really wonderful!! Bah but we had to go on an adventure to find the key to the font..then when we found it..we had to find someone who could go into the mens restroom to turn the water on. We did all of that and sat and waited for it to be filled up. Takes about 45 mintues...but we didnt fill it up enough! Awkward. Brother Wihongi was the one who baptized Praise...he had to dunk her down pretty low to get her all under there.. oh dear. haha But It all worked out and she seemed really happy! All the young women where there to support her and that was great too!! 

Sister Swindler and I would do this thing where we would pick a phrase out of the Book of Mormon or Bible that we read during our personal study then we would HAVE to try and use it throughout the day. Today its "Fools mock but they shall mourn" but on a more serious note here is the scripture:

 26 And when I had said this, the Lord spake unto me, saying:aFools bmock, but they shall mourn; and my grace is sufficient for the meek, that they shall take no advantage of your weakness;
 27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them theiraweakness. I bgive unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my cgrace is sufficient for all men that dhumble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make eweak things become strong unto them. 
It really stood out to me because we all have weakness! But We are given weakness so that we may be humble and teachable. That we might better learn of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. If we humble ourselves and come unto Them. They will make us strong. That is a promise that Heavenly Father has blessed us with! I know that as we seek to to these things we will be blessed and feel in more abundance His love for us. 
I am not sure if anyone actually makes it to the end of these letters or if you just get bored and cant be bothered with reading the rest! Either way! I love you all and miss you  more! Hope you all have an amazing week!! 
Your Favourite Sister Missionary, MAH JOKES 
Sister Holmes 

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"now now lets not have a domestic"

Super super super late on updating the blog!! This email was from 9/22. I am a completely horrid sister! But here it is  :) PS big time bummer....she didn't send pictures this time!!

Well I would like to Start off by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very amazing person. Jess! You are the best! Happy birthday :D 

Subject line is from Brother Bourne. We went over to The Bournes for Family Home Evening. They are sooo great an amazing family. But Whenever someone would say something negative he would say "now now lets not have a domestic" "Lets not have a domestic in from of the sisters!" haha We sang a Tongan Song and prayed like they do in Hawaii. All holding hands in a circle. It was just a really fun experience! Love them!

Sister Ah Quin is listening to a song right now called "I will rest in you" For some reason that song really hit me just now. The fact that sometimes life gets us down and wears us out. We can become emotionally, spiritually and physically drained. When those times come we can find rest and peace In Heavenly Father.

This week has not be the easiest. We got a call from my companions family members this week telling her about a tragedy that they have had. Man, its been really hard for her. I feel so useless that I cant help more. But it has put a lot of things into perspective. It has helped me realized the full healing power of the atonement. That it doesn't just cleanse us from sin but it makes us whole. Because of the atonement we can be made whole again after losing a loved one or going through a particularly hard time. We never have to suffer alone and all that is unfair about life can be made right  through the atonement and gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I am soooo exceedingly grateful for the plan of salvation. For the testimony and knowledge I have of that plan. Makes me supa excited to be able to share such a wonderful message of Hope and happiness to the people of New Zealand! 

Believe it or not we actually have a handful of investigators here in the View. Which is supa awesome because there are only about two handfuls of nonmembers haha But we have been working with them and a lot of Less Actives which is always great. I love the people of New Zealand!! They are amazing! 

Transfers are this Thursday! Yikes! Transfers mean changes! Which are always hard. Being on my mission had however changes my perspective on change. Before I hated change. Now I can look at it as a chance for me to learn and grow. To CHANGE and become more like the person/missionary/friend/all the things my Heavenly Father wants me to be. Through change He prepares us for what is ahead. 

Oh! We had a supa crazy storm the other night!! The power kept going off and man it rained like cows and sheep! haha The thunder was soo loud it was like it was right out side our window. They weather here is all over the place! 

We are having a waffle party for P-day today with all of our Elders in our Zone. Nutella on Waffles? Yum. Its nice. It should be heaps of fun!! 

I hope you all know that I love you and miss you heaps! You are all great! I also hope you know How much I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Everyday my testimony is strengthened and I am so grateful that Heavenly Father was willing to let me serve Him. 

Remember the atonement is real and it can help heal us. Have a great week! Love ya!! 

Sister Holmes :)