Sunday, November 24, 2013

Moroni "Fort"ifies the land of the Nephites

So. Sister Holmes sent me a letter this week which included a thumb drive that had videos of her and Sister Ah Quin doing this video blog!! OH MY HECK I loved it. It was so awesome being able to see her and hear her! She hasn't changed! Still a goofball. It's funny though because she's starting to sound like she's from NZ with the phrases that she's using. Pretty much as soon as I started watching it I immediately starting crying because I miss her immensely. But then I couldn't help but feel happy and smile because she looks SO happy. I KNOW that she is in New Zealand serving the Lord and kickin' butt. She amazes me and I'm so proud to call her my little sister. She's the best!! :D here's her email and some pictures for the week. 

This week was pretty dang awesome if I do say so myself. Its went by supah fast though. I was sitting in church and I was like "Woah. Its Sunday! Where did the week go??" 

Anyway Happy Halloween! Halloween is not very big here in NZ but in temple View we have a party..more like 4 parties. The subject line of this email is Moroni "Fort"ifies the land of the Nephites. Now I will explain haha well we were asked to but an activity together for one of our ward parties. It had to be themes around the Book of Mormon...My first thought was "Ohh lets split them into teams make one team the Laminites and one the Nephites and make them battle! We can see which team wins!" Hmm violence is never that I still love the war chapters so I thought hmmm. Moroni fortifies the land....fortifies..fort...Oh my gosh. Lets build forts! I did some looking around found heaps of boxes!! I mean HEAPS of boxes probably like 70 cardboard boxes. Man it was a blast. What we did was have each side build a fort to protect themselves. Then when I yelled go they had to throw boxes at the other each others fort. (Still dangerous) Often I would end up being on the other team helping them. It was soo fun. Also one of our Bishops gave us Halloween candy BUT it was american candy. I felt like I was back home at a ward activity...but not really hahaha
Last Monday we went to the park and there were some little girls there. We had came and talked to them in primary and they remembered us. We ended up playing tag and some other games with them That was a hoot and a half. Then They asked what we were going to be for Halloween. The littlest girl had to be about 5 or 6 told sister Ah Quin "You should be a hero for Halloween. You can dress up as sister Holmes!' Okay, my heart melted!! I was the CUTEST thing!! They didnt know what they wanted to be.. but when we saw them at the party guess what they dressed up as?? Sister Missionaries!!! Adorbs.
We had another awesome lesson with Rachel. She is so great!! She even came to church!! It was fast and testimony meeting and she really loved it. Soo cool! We are going to see her again tonight for FHE. I am excited. A less active we are working with will be there as well. Candace. Man she is soooo awesome! She came to church yesterday with two of her girls. They are the sweetest! Always hugging and smiling. Man. But Candace has not been to church for 20 years and now she is realizing that she wants to go back and is making big changes in her life. LOVE IT!!!!
Okay get this. We have supah awesome members here in the View. One of those being a lady names Sister Kenyon. She is from the Cook Islands. For exercise this morning she was teaching me how to dance. You know like those island dancers who move their hips super fast??  Yeah like that but faster! She didnt make me go super fast today though since it was my first time haha but She taught me how to do it then made me watch my hips move in a mirror...yesh..that part was awkward haha but it was really fun! Really good work out to! I love learning cultural things!! We are going to learn more everyMonday! Should be good!!! We are also making sushi today. That should be fun..haha I can show you all my cultural new skills when I get home ;) Maybe not the dancing...haha
Something I have noticed this week or felt I guess it love. I dont know why I felt it so much this week but I just felt loved. I was sitting in the Christus room and I had never done it before but I went and I touched the wounds in His hand and in His feet. Then I just sat by Him and felt so at peace with the world. I felt soo loved. I just wanted to hug Him...then I thought..uuuuuhhh betta not. (Might look odd to see some person hugging a statue haha ) Any way I thought of just how wonderful it will be to feel those wounds in His hand when I see Him again. Just how great it will be to see Him again. Our Saviour and Redeemer. I also felt alot of love from my Heavenly Father. It seems not matter what happened this week I just thought about Heavenly Father and how He loves me. No matter what! He loves us all. Then I thought of my family and had an overwhelming sense of love and gratitude for those wonderful people He has given me! My Grandparents my Mom and My Dad my AMAZING siblings. So much love in this world! I LOVE it! Funny enough Sister Ah Quin probably hates it but I treat her just like I would one of my sisters..(lots of teasing hahaha)
Oh. I have a watch tan just in case any of you were curious. I have one. Its pretty great haha
Scripture of the day! Alma 32:18 (we had Rachel read this Chapter and she came up and was like I loved this verse!) It reads : 
                     18:Now I ask, is this faith? Behold I say unto you, Nay; for if a man knoweth a thing he hath no cause to believe, for he knoweth it.
Then you can look over to verse 21 and it reads :
                      21: And now as I said concerning faith---faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hot for things which are not seen, which are true.
Shall we all exercise more faith?? Even if we can only desire to have faith "Let that desire work in you even until you believe" Alma 32:27 I know my faith has grown so much and in that my desire to serve the Lord has grown and it has indeed blessed my life and I know if we all nourish our faith the same will happen. You will be blessed so much!
Hope you week was as good as mine! Love ya heaps and miss ya more!!!!
Kia Kaha! 
Sister Holmes

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Sister Ah Quin & Sister Holmes
(this picture was from last week)

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Sister Holmes, Sister Ah Quin, & Sister Penales

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