Sunday, November 24, 2013

welcome to the jungle...

Here's Sister Holmes' email from 11/24! Transfers! I'm not gonna lie I'm kind of bummed that she got transferred just because I was able to email her Sunday nights for a few hours during her PDay. I know that she is supposed to be in PukeKohe and she's gonna rock it. Lucky people! :) 

........the jungle of South Auckland that is! Yepper! Transfers happened on Thursday and President decided to finally kick me out of the VC and Temple View!! I miss it but my new area is great. VERRRRRYYYY Different from the View. Soooo I am in a place called PukeKohe in the Papakura Stake/Zone. Its been referred to by my new bishop as the Bronx so that is fun :) Also I have a daughter! (which just means she is new and I have to train her...But now I have to pretend to know what I am doing hahaha )Her name is Sister Pearce. She is from Heramin Utah! She is great! We have heaps in common so that is good!

I went and said good bye to a few of the people that I had grown really close to...
#1 Kristen and Chantel. They were not home so I left a note. then Nek minit they are called and are like where are you! We have something for you (chocolate) and they wanted to say goodbye! They had been driving around trying to find us! Soo sweet.
#2 The Golders. They are one of my favourite families. Brother Golder looks at me and says "Sister Holmes, You have changed so much" I will miss them!

Saying goodbye to sister Ah Quin was pretty hard. She is my half daughter haha We had heaps of fun together and I will miss her. She cried..then I cried. BUT Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened! We def had heaps of smiles in our time together!

Sooo it is HOT AS! Man I got a mean as tan!

We are double covering a ward with Two elders. Elder Hester and Dellaca. Elder Hester and I came in at the same time and he was in my first zone!!! He is GREAT so I am excited to be able to serve with him!!! and Elder Dellaca..haha

We went and met with our Bishop he is huge and Tongan. We are in a primarily Islander area. But Meet with the Bishop nek minit have to give a talk! So we did that Sunday. Our ward is really small..but shouldn't be...there are HEAPS of Less actives and part member families. We def have our work cut out for us that is fo so!

We have a Brand new flat. Pretty Flash...lots of bugs. I had to kill a huge as spider! It was black and yeah...Sister Pearce is terrified of that means I get to take care of them. Which is how it was with sister Ah quin as well. I just have to man up!! haha its

I read this poem and it has definitely helped me so thought I would share!

The Man Who Thinks He Can

If you think you are beaten you are
if you think you dare not you don't
If you like to win but think you cant
its almost a cinch you wont
if you think you'll lose your lost
For out in the world we find
success begins with a state of mind

if you think you are out classes you are
you've got to think high to rise
you've got to be sure of yourself before
you can ever win a prize
life's battles don't always go
to the Stronger or Faster man
but soon or later the man who wins
is the man who thinks he can

Walter D. Wintle.

With Heavenly Father and a positive attitude we can! That is something my mission has helped me to see it that its all about attitude! It you think your mission is the best, it will be. If you think you have the best companion, they will be. If you think you can make a difference you can.

I am excited for the chance to serve in this new area! It is different and I miss Temple View BUT I am excited for what lies ahead and ready to work!

Have a good week!

Kia Kaha!
Love ya Heaps!!!

Sister Holmes :)

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