Friday, November 1, 2013

"No Worries!"

Well now I'm all caught up on Sister Holmes' Missionary email blog. PHEW! I feel super anxious when I get behind on this thing. Here it is though! She's doing really well! :D

Subject line "No Worries" comes from Distirct Leader Elder Son. Calls us every night and says No Worries Sister Holmes or Dats Da one at least 50 times haha sweet as!

Last week we went on a hike in the bush with the Elders! It was great! First time in a NZ bush! It was really cool!! There were fat as vines. Some elders tried to swing from them..haha Dangerous. There was a water fall and a river. As well as a scary wobbly bridge. SO that was great fun. (Bush=Forest)
We had sisters conference on Wednesday. We had 4 Extra sisters staying at our house. Its funny people fight to stay at our flat. haha I have stared calling it the Temple View in. First call first serve. Sister Qaqa called a week in advance haha then when some else asked I was able to say Sorry there is not room in the Inn. We even made them waffles for breakfast. Sister Qaqa is coming back Tuesday night that will be fun haha soooo sisters conference. There were 46 Sisters in our VC theatre for 4 was great..hahaha nah it really was good. Got to hang out with sister Swindler and all my other favorite sisters so that was fun. Learned alot as week. Like how to help my feet stink less which is needed! haha Whenever you go into someones house you just take your shoes off as a sign of respect..its will make is awkward if your feet stink hahaha So sisters conference was good. Alot of estrogen in one room. I think I can wait another 6 months before we do that again haha
We met with Rachel again. Asked her to be baptized, she said eventually. Hey that is not a no! She is doing great. She said "I could listen to you talk all day" I was like aww that is sweet! No one has EVER said that to me!! haha must be the spirit she likes to listen to! Ha! Gonna see her again tomorrow! Exciting!!

We had some really good visits this week! Also really good dinners with our members. They have become like family! I love seeing and visiting with them! haha we went to dinner at the Nins home Saturday night and I love their kids. Elijah was walking around with a sleeping bag on his head and I started messing with him and he says "Who is that!? Sister Holmes! Is that you??" Love it. haha And maybe its my tag but kids just come and always want to hang out and talk to me haha sister Ah Quin said on Sunday. Man kids just love you! I am kinda Jealous. haha These kids all somehow remind me of my siblings I think that is Heavenly Fathers way of helping me be away from my siblings! 

Time for the Book of Mormon Moment: Today the Book of Mormon Moment comes from 2 Nephi 10:20 I read this verse this morning and got something that I had not noticed before. This is what hit me today: Its talking about Lehi and his family and how they had to leave Jerusalem the land of their inheritance, we all know they went through hardships in the wilderness but (here is the good part) in verse 20 it says "but we have been led to a better land" The Lord layed out the path for them. They had to have faith to follow that path that lead to the promise land. Just like Lehi and his family Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are pointing us to our own land of promise. He has a plan for each of us. They way will be hard and the burdens may sometime seem to hard to bear. BUT if we follow Him in faith we will find our land of promise. That land of promise could just be happiness in this life or in the eternities. Whatever it may be it will be better  than what we could have gotten for ourselves. In verse 23 it reminds us that we are "free to act for yourselves to choose the waty of everlasting death or the way of eternal life" I know that if we follow Heavenly Father and the example of Jesus Christ in faith we will be blessed. Love the Book of Mormon. In the MTC we were taught how reading AND pondering the book of mormon we can learn so much! Supah true! I have kept a study journal from the first time I read it while I was out and this time and everything that stands out to me is new and different than the first time. Even though the book has not changed..I have. Cool ay? READ THE BOOK ALL!! Dats Da one!

This week went by supah fast I cant remember what all happened...haha
VC has been great!! Sister Davis and Sister McLemore! They are the best!! When we are on shift together we have dinner/lunch parties! Always have a good time. I gave a tour with Sister McLemore which was cool because she was my MTC companion so we have this like special bond. Love her!
Time for the embarrassing story of the week! Ready! Go. Queso you remember how I said Sis Ah Q and I have been making video journal entries? Well we were making on at the VC while we were on chat. Then I had the brilliant idea of using British News Anchor we started and at the time we didnt notice (but you can see it in the Video) Elder McLachlan walked by then He walked back the other way. Then Came back and opened the door. I just stopped talking and Sis Ah Q turned around and said Hello...then He closed the door and we lost it. He came back in and was like man I thought you were talking to yourselves..we were like nope..just making a news big deal..haha Felt so shame! Terrible! Made for a funny video though. was great! Had someone on there that kept telling me I was cursed. Talked to him or her (not sure which) for a while (over and hour) but it was going no where they just wanted to convince me I was cursed and going to hell. Meh. But we did have a good one! Got someone to commit to going to church! Will follow up see if they went! haha Oh chat. Such a special experience!

So Halloween is not really a big thing here. In The View it is. But not really anywhere else. We have a heap of Halloween parties this week! Which is great! Why? Because all the non members come to TV because they are the only place that does Halloween! Wahoo! Should be great!!
Well This looks long enough now. Haha Have a great week! Love yous heaps!! Read the Book of Mormon! Its sweet as!
Love, Your Favourite Sister

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