Monday, July 29, 2013

"she got all worried that he was a murderer or something crazy. Its was..lovely?"

Yay! Email and pictures from Sister Holmes! :) I love Sundays even more now that i get emails and pictures from her! I miss her like crazy, but holy moley i am soo proud! Here's her email :)

Oh gosh so get this, We have and investigator named Rhiannan. She is sooo awesome! She came to church -she even took work off early so she could come! The talks were good but man, there was a sister who got up and was talking about how to receive personal revelation. Well someone along the line she started talking about online dating and this friend she had who wanted to meet with this guy she was talking to they did but then she got all worried that he was a murderer or something crazy. Its was..lovely?
Lovely is something they say a lot here! Like everything is lovely. haha
I saw another hedgehog tried to take a picture but I couldn't get the flash to work. 
Had to teach gospel principles! That was fun. Sean is doing so well!!! It is so awesome watching him grow! He was talking about the Holy Ghost and how its helps him. He was saying it was like someone was sitting next to him and talking to him. He is able to make better decisions and he can see all things heavenly Father has blessed him with!
Chat has been really good!! It seems like I have talked to tons of people who accept to read the Book of Mormon and come to church. Then we follow up with email! Man Its super cool.
There was Time out from women this week in Auckland. Then some of the speakers came down to do youth and YSA firesides. The one that came to our building was Sherri Do? I probably spelled her name wrong. But it was sweet because Rhiannan came! She learned a lot which is awesome.
Our members are really "on to it" with missionary work. Its so awesome.
As a new mission we have been able to set some really good and obtainable goals! My mission president and his wife are so awesome!
Anyway this week was good. Looking forward to another good one!! 
Love and miss you all! Have a good week!
Sister Holmes 

Sister Hiyas

Sister Swindler

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