Monday, August 5, 2013

I will have you know that I acted calm and as dignified as you can with bird poop on your forehead

Yay!! Love hearing from Sister Holmes! :D Best part of the week for me. I DIED laughing when i read that she got pooped on twice...Melissa seriously LOATHES birds of all species. No love for the fine feathered friends. She's been pooped on by birds more than anyone else i know.  I super love hearing about all of her awesome spiritual experiences. It's so fun & a sure testimony builder for everyone that reads it :) She is soooo fantastically awesome and I'm soooo proud of her!
 Here's her letter and some grrreat pictures she sent!

Well I would like to start off by saying that I have the best family ever! Thank you so much to everyone who sent me birthday presents!! I got 3packages and 5 letters all in one day. I twas like Christmas!!!! I felt so cool and loved! Thank you all :) You are the best and I am lucky to have you in my life! :D

Now I have some tragic news....I had two. Yes TWO birds poop on me this week! You all know how much I love birds...(not at all) Turns out they like me just as much! The first time it was on my forehead the second time it was on my hand and got on my skirt. Gross. Yes laugh it up. I will have you know that I acted calm and as dignified as you can with bird poop on your forehead wiped it off. There is your "lol" for this week.
So I may have told you about the FHE we had to do last monday night? Well it went pretty well. We were already kind of nervous because it was like welcome home for one of the ward missionaries so there were soooooo many people there. Top it off guess who walks in....Mission President and his wife. Boom more nervous. haha But I feel it went well and everyone liked it so that is a plus. Another Plus they gave us the left over cake. Best. Cake. Ever. We had to give it away so we wouldnt eat all of it!
Sunday was a fast Sunday and we had a miracle! We have been working with Two young ladies Kristen and Chantel. They are best friends and Flat mates. aka room makes. any way we have been meeting with them- they are suuper less active and said they didnt have a desire to go back to church and they would go back one day...Guess who was at church sunday??? YEPPER! After the meeting we got up and saw them sitting in the back. Man it was like the best ever. We ran up to them and hugged them. Man I was so happy! Then I felt silly because someone asked "Why does sister Holmes look so excited" But Its all goods! They earned them self some cookies!
We did service for Sister and Brother May this week. Brother May is blind and Sister May has been half blind since childhood. BUT she totally met Helen Keller! Pretty cool ey? She even has s picture with her, Sis May was 6 years old but its still pretty cool! Speaking of cool elderly people, We were able to do service in the family history centre for Sis Parker. We got to type up some interviews from the labour missionaries that build the temple. Pretty cool!
This week we went on splits with some of the sister preparing to go on missions it was supa cool! The sister I was with and I were not sure were to we said a prayer and then were directed to a house close by. Then we talked to the man who lived there and he wanted to learn more so we are going to go back and teach him. Power of Prayer.
I would like to let you know how much I love the Book of Mormon. Man. I dont know how I ever had a hard time reading it. There is sooooo much good stuff just jam packed in there! Its incredible! And Not only does it have so many things we can learn its super interesting and pretty action packed! I mean a guy gets part of his scalp sliced off and held up on a sword. I probably shouldnt love the war chapters but I think they are awesome and Moroni? Yeah, he is pretty cool.
Anyway...this week was great and looking forward to anther one :) "I love Yous all" another NZ thing haha But really, I love you all and am so greatful for you and all you have done and continue to do for me. I am so greatful to Heavenly Father for blessing me with such amazing people. :) Have a GREAAAAATT Week :)
Sister Holmes

Those letters with the Red Stamps are from me (jessika). She looks so happy in the photo & I know she LOVES hearing from us here in the states, so send her letters, people!!

She made her own photo album :) The bottom photo is of the 3 oldest sisters holding our Sister Necklaces!

All her letters and birthday garb!

more photo album stuff. I'm not sure why the bottom got cut off...

She looks SOO happy!

Happy Happy Happy!


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