Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Killing me Softly" with a "Careless Whisper" because my " Foolish Feet Don't Got No Rhythm".

So I am really missing Sister Holmes today! I'm still getting used to not sending her a funny picture that I find on Pinterest or telling her something funny that happened at work, and ESPECIALLY sending her photos of the attractive guys on Vampire Diaries.Here are some pictures of her and the family right before she entered the MTC. We were able to spend the day before in SLC at Temple Square with her before we had to drop her off. I didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to leave her there knowing it was going to be 18 months until I would get to see her again! But I'm super proud of her!! Oh and the reason the title is based off of cheesy old songs, is because Careless Whisper and Killing Me Softly were 2 of Melissa's favorite songs!!

Sister Picture!
All the Holmes kids at Temple Square
All the Holmes Sisters. Becka, Melissa, Jessika, Molly
Group picture! Sort of normal.

Here she is in front of the Provo Temple right before we dropped her off at the MTC. This is where we said our goodbyes!

And she's off!

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