Monday, July 15, 2013

I just need to try harder to sound like a Kiwi!

So good to hear from Sister Holmes this week! She is doing really well and having a great time. She & I are doing a weight loss competition that ends on September 22 aka my birthday! whoever loses the most weight gets bragging rights and the loser has to send the winner a package! so it should be fun! :D here's her letter and some cute pics!
I would like to start off by saying there was a cat on my bed this week!
Yes a cat. There are like pigeons. EVERYWHERE! Just kidding there are not that many. BUT we left one of the windows open while we went out and we came back home to a cat just relaxing on my bed (its because my blankets are so lush and wonderful) then Sister Qaqa sees it and I went to open the door to let it out but nope. It walks right to the laundry room back out the window. Cats.
The Deseret Ward does this "boot camp" in the mornings. We joined them! Its terrible but fun. We have to run with tires and stuff. Definitely a good work out and it bonds us to the ward members. There should be a saying about those who work out together...I will try and make one up haha.
You guys I have an American Accent. A pretty bad one. There were two brothers that just came home from their missions and they spoke Sunday. They both went to America so they sound pretty American. Then they were all saying how they are trying to get ride of that twang! I just need to try harder to sound like a Kiwi! So I need to add say "sweet as" and basically add "as" on to anything haha I will have to practice and let you all know haha
Oh we are teaching a young man, His name is Scott. He really wants to be baptized but he is a foster child so he has to get permission from the agency he is under. He also has aspergers. It was really cool in sacrament though a sister gave a talk on baptism and the covenants we make! Scott got really excited! I knew that she was inspired to give that talk and it helped him!! So awesome! We all fasted on Sunday, if all goes well he will be baptized on Saturday!
We had a lesson with Nick at the VC and Showed him "God's Plan" and talked about how families can be together forever. We are going to visit him this week.
I do have some pretty great news! Did I tell you about Sean? Well we had a lesson with him Friday. He is getting baptized on Thursday!!!! I am so excited for him!! It was awesome though he is sooo happy!! The whole lesson he just kept talking about how happy he has been since learning about the gospel and how happy he is to be baptized!! Man, sooo awesome. oh and he is getting married the Next day! This is truly the gospel of happiness! I see it everyday and it makes me even more happy :)
Congratulations to Jasey for being baptized!! Love you bud! I love all of you!!! My heart it so full of joy and love that I just want to hug everyone! Luckily everyone hugs in New Zealand haha Its really different they all hug and kiss on the cheek which takes getting used to but its really nice just how loving everyone is here. Don't worry just hugging the women! haha
You are all insanely awesome and I love and miss you!! Have a great week!

Sister Holmes

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