Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I need to remind them to share the gospel not the actual chocolate!!!

We received lots of pictures from Sister Holmes this week! It's so fun to see her...and especially to see how PALE she is! Am I a bad sister for getting so excited to see that her famously lovely, tan skin is now transforming to a pearly white?! Let me tell ya, she is not so thrilled with the transformation herself and promised to do everything in her power to not let me become the tan sister and her the pale one. We'll see about that! I guess it is winter there  & I should cut her some slack. But what's even more fun than seeing her "skin transformation", is seeing and reading how much SHE is actually changing. She is growing into such a strong missionary and I am one proud sis! Anyway, here's Sister Holmes' Family Letter:

Its almost 4th of July! I have an American Flag Pin that I can wear thanks to Dad!
This week was good!! I met the New Mission President and his Wife! They are really nice! It was funny though, they came to one of our wards and they were sitting on the stand. We were greeting people at the door then the meeting started so we went and sat back down. Sister Qa was like "oh my gosh, that is our mission president" I said no its not! It cant be! Then our Bishop introduced him and it was! Then we got to talk to them more at the VC! We are some of the few missionaries to meet them!
Oh get this, our Bishop from the Dessert ward Bishop Warick is awesome! He called us Friday night and asked us to speak in church and teach a lesson ( not the awesome part) I was on the phone with him and he just kept going on and on about how happy he is that we are in his ward and how they haven't had missionaries like us ever and basically just about how awesome we are. Then later that night I get a call from The Auckland Mission President that night, I saw his name on the phone and I was like oh dear...what did we do...then He just called to give us feedback, Bishop Warick had called him and told him how awesome we are and about the work we are doing! President told us to keep up the good work! That was the last time I will ever talk to him!
Any way when Bishop called we were out Talking with everyone in another area...I felt frozen!! But it was worth it!! We ended up stopping by a lady named Natasha's house she is a less active member. She let us in to her very warm home (score) then we just talked to her and her son Liam for a while. She hasn't been to church for 17 years. We asked if we could share a message, then we talked about the Plan of Salvation and we ended with a prayer. We asked if there was anything we could do for her before we left and she asked if would would come back next week. We were like ummmm YES!! haha It was good stuff!
Man...this ward came into the VC with their whole primary... then one girl threw up in the theater..then when they were leaving another one threw up right outside the front door.. I saw that one coming...she was like 4 and I watched her put her hand up to her mouth..then boom. all over the place.. Poor girl!!
Well like I said We had to speak yesterday..It went well! We had to speak on missionary work..surprise right? Haha any way I related the gospel to New Zealand's Chocolate...they loved that part haha here is a snippet: 

To me the gospel is like New Zealand's Chocolate, I had heard a lot about it, but it wasn't until I tasted for my self that I realized just how wonderful it was! Once I tasted it and knew how good it was I wanted to share with everyone what I had just discovered! I wanted all to know of them to have something that can bring joy and happiness to their lives! Because we all know chocolate bring that...
and since then people keep giving my chocolate....its terrible! I need to remind them to share the gospel not the actual chocolate!!! haha the missed the point haha
On thing that I learned while writing my talk is we have all heard people say things like "I don't know what I would do with out the Gospel" and I can agree with that, I don't know how I would make it through each day and the trials and challenges that we all face in life. BUT while we don't know what we would do with out it...MANY people DO NOT HAVE IT!!!! That is why it is important for all of us to share the gospel!!! I am not a good example of a missionary, but I know that the Lord doesn't expect any of to be perfect! He just wants us to try our best and He will make up for what we cannot do! I know The Lord will make any one who seeks to declare His words strong! I have seen this in the 3 weeks of being out here, He makes me strong enough to share what I know! He knows me and knows my weaknesses, and He is making those weaknesses become my strengths! I loved being able to give a talk yesterday! I  know surprise right!!? I loved it!! and I loved teaching the lesson for the priesthood and rs! I love talking with people! Where as when I first got here It was lucky if Sister Qaqa could get me to talk! He is making me strong enough and I am soooo grateful for that!!
I know that this church is true. I have seen daily how the atonement has blessed my life. Reading the Book of Mormon has helped me want to live my life like those prophets. With unyielding faith and humble obedience. I Love being a missionary and am so blessed to be able to have the privileged of serving my Lord and Savor.
haha this is pretty long..I will be done now..hopefully you made it this far..
Love you all and hope you have a great and warm week!!!
Sister Holmes :) 

Elder & Sister McLachlan

I love this. So much. (She does too by the way so I'm not being a mean sister for putting it up!)

"brown, brown, brown.... WHITE!!!!! Even my sweater is white!! Its terrible! Its like duck duck duck goose! its also Fijian Fijian Fijian AMERICAN!"

"NEW MISSION PRESIDENT!!!! We are some of the only missionaries that have met them!! They are soo awesome!!!!"
President & Sister Rudd with Sister Holmes

"Last Picture with Auckland President!" 

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