Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"The Lord doesn't care if I'm pale!"

So good to hear from Sister Holmes this week! She's doing fantastic in the great country of New Zealand. She was complaining about how everything is so much more expensive there, so she's not getting a hair cut until she gets back to the States. Also, that's where the whole "the Lord doesn't care if I'm pale" thing came from...she said that tanning lotion is too pricey. OH! and the little stink  only sent ONE picture! Well without further ado, here is her Email:

Well I would like to Start off by Saying Happy 4th! Yey for freedom!
Also Happy Birthday to Shon! Don't be too crazy!
You know something that comes up a lot that I never even thought would be a problem when teaching the gospel, is some people think it is an American Religion. That had never even crossed my mind.. and when it does come up I am just like..if it was an American Religion we wouldn't be here talking to  you! 
But since it was the 4th of July I was thinking about how America gained its freedom and everything they went through so that we could have religious freedom! Its insane! And there is no way that America should have won..But with God on our side we cant fail!! And He needed a country where the Gospel could be restored! Love America! Sad that I had to travel to the end of the earth to be patriotic.
Anyway met with president and sister Rudd. Super awesome! 
This week was great had a lot of people come into the VC Saturday, that was nice!!

Sunday was great! The Dessert Ward is so on to it with missionary work!!! Our fast and testimony meeting was all on missionary work! It has become such a big focus! Sister Qaqa and I were sitting in the meeting and then we get a note (Bishop Warick will sometimes write notes then have one of the boys on the stand deliver them..) We got a note that said "Hey Sisters, we would all love to hear your testimonies!" haha It was good because we didnt want to get up and take time from the members so it was nice to have permission haha 
But our wards are all really excited for missionary work and its awesome!!
One of the resources we use alot in the VC is Mormon Messages. Go right now and watch all of them! Every single one is simply amazing! They all have such powerful testimonies and make such a huge impact in a matter of minutes. And there is one called "Freedom To" and there is a British man who speaks in it and he and his wife are missionaries here in the VC!! Go watch it!! Also One thing that stood out to me was "He rescued on Mankind. Through His atonement He gives all of us hope for today and assurance in eternity" I know that my Redeemer lives. HE LIVES!!
Every morning we have personal study, so I usually read the Book of Mormon and write down things that stand out to me ( so now I have pages and pages from my reading) But this morning I felt like I should read my Patriarchal Blessing, I didn't know what but I just thought I should read it. So I went and got it and went back to my desk and started reading. Never before had my patriarchal blessing hit me so hard or meant so much to me. As I read tears filled my eyes and there was just an overwhelming peace in my heart so much so that I just had to pray to my Heavenly Father for gratitude for allowing me to have such a blessing in my life. I know that I was directed to read it this morning so that I could be able to learn and have it touch me the way it did. This is the true Church. I know it and I want you to know that I know it. I love it! I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Love you all and miss you more!!! 
Have a wonderful week! Sorry this email is long...
Sister Holmes 

At the Visitors Center

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