Sunday, October 6, 2013

"now now lets not have a domestic"

Super super super late on updating the blog!! This email was from 9/22. I am a completely horrid sister! But here it is  :) PS big time bummer....she didn't send pictures this time!!

Well I would like to Start off by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very amazing person. Jess! You are the best! Happy birthday :D 

Subject line is from Brother Bourne. We went over to The Bournes for Family Home Evening. They are sooo great an amazing family. But Whenever someone would say something negative he would say "now now lets not have a domestic" "Lets not have a domestic in from of the sisters!" haha We sang a Tongan Song and prayed like they do in Hawaii. All holding hands in a circle. It was just a really fun experience! Love them!

Sister Ah Quin is listening to a song right now called "I will rest in you" For some reason that song really hit me just now. The fact that sometimes life gets us down and wears us out. We can become emotionally, spiritually and physically drained. When those times come we can find rest and peace In Heavenly Father.

This week has not be the easiest. We got a call from my companions family members this week telling her about a tragedy that they have had. Man, its been really hard for her. I feel so useless that I cant help more. But it has put a lot of things into perspective. It has helped me realized the full healing power of the atonement. That it doesn't just cleanse us from sin but it makes us whole. Because of the atonement we can be made whole again after losing a loved one or going through a particularly hard time. We never have to suffer alone and all that is unfair about life can be made right  through the atonement and gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I am soooo exceedingly grateful for the plan of salvation. For the testimony and knowledge I have of that plan. Makes me supa excited to be able to share such a wonderful message of Hope and happiness to the people of New Zealand! 

Believe it or not we actually have a handful of investigators here in the View. Which is supa awesome because there are only about two handfuls of nonmembers haha But we have been working with them and a lot of Less Actives which is always great. I love the people of New Zealand!! They are amazing! 

Transfers are this Thursday! Yikes! Transfers mean changes! Which are always hard. Being on my mission had however changes my perspective on change. Before I hated change. Now I can look at it as a chance for me to learn and grow. To CHANGE and become more like the person/missionary/friend/all the things my Heavenly Father wants me to be. Through change He prepares us for what is ahead. 

Oh! We had a supa crazy storm the other night!! The power kept going off and man it rained like cows and sheep! haha The thunder was soo loud it was like it was right out side our window. They weather here is all over the place! 

We are having a waffle party for P-day today with all of our Elders in our Zone. Nutella on Waffles? Yum. Its nice. It should be heaps of fun!! 

I hope you all know that I love you and miss you heaps! You are all great! I also hope you know How much I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Everyday my testimony is strengthened and I am so grateful that Heavenly Father was willing to let me serve Him. 

Remember the atonement is real and it can help heal us. Have a great week! Love ya!! 

Sister Holmes :) 

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