Sunday, October 6, 2013

You always just look so happy!

All caught up! I'll never hold off on putting her emails up again! Although it was fun to reread all her emails. Anyway, here's some fun pictures and her email for the week! MISS THIS GIRL like CRAZY!!

Well I must say that the Propolis Herbal Elixir worked quite well. I am almost back to 100% Wahoo! 

The subject line comes from an Elder that came into the VC. He comes in quite often but he came in on Sunday for the fireside, shook my hand and said to me "You always just look so happy!" Then I was like huh. Well thats cool. Especially since I feel happy and I am sharing the gospel of HAPPINESS!!! haha But that made me feel good, I just remember what President Rudd told us. To smile! Tell your face that you are happy!! 

I cannot believe it is October! The best part about October is General Conference. BUT! Sadness in the land!! Because of the time difference it is not being broadcast in NZ until the 13th and the 14th! MAH! so sad! I am really pumped to watch it this weekend though! It will be great!! 

Personal Study has become my most favorite thing. Ever. I get super excited everyday that I have a whole hour to just study! Man, if you had told me I would love studying at 8 in the morning I would have laughed..probably in your face..but I can see now just how much that study time benefits my day and I learn soooo much! Its amazing! I Started the Book of Mormon in the MTC and just finished it last week. I was sad..but then I realized. Hey. I get to start over! But this morning a read a article in this months Ensign. Don't laugh but it made me cry! Its Called "Thorny Paths" She talks about how she had to carry her son who has Down Syndrome over thorns and away from danger. Then relates its to our own lives. She said "I realized that in our lives we sometimes run headlong into dangerous situations. We may be warned by family, friends and church leaders yet we often fail to heed their call, stubbornly believing that our desires will not lead us into danger. At times we get so far into trouble that we simply cannot get out on our own and we must rely completely on the Savior." Many paths lead us away. Sometimes we feel like we cannot move forward or even back. But Christ reached out to save. We just have to reach back to Him and be willing to BE saved. We have to remember He loves us and is there to help us when we cannot move or may be surrounded by thorny paths. He will help us. He will make us strong to overcome our weakness. He loves us with a perfect love. 

So...I may have complained about the weather being super cold and rainy...well NONE of the this week!! Its been perfect! I even got a nice farmers tan! Or...missionary tan if you will. haha Its been all Sun and Blue skies! Wonderful! 

Sister Ah Quin and I went and did service for a lady in one of our wards. She is great. Working on coming back to church. We helped her plant a garden. We had to pull some weed first and a slug just jumped out of no where! I almost had a heart attack.I don't think I have told you this but Sister Ah Quin had a pretty huge fear of spiders...she hate them which is bad news because NZ has heaps upon heaps of them! Sooo Nek Minut! She was laying this tarp out so I took that opportunity to mess with her...(because I am terrible) But all I did was say. "Oh! Spider!" hahaha her reaction? Priceless! She dove out of the way and almost knocked me over in the process! We I did most of the planting. I felt bad...but it was quite funny. Then she threw a snail at me..sick. 

We had some new neighbors move in! They are suuupah less active and have been since they were little. They want us to come over and read the Book of Mormon with them so they can learn more! They have been through a lot and want to make some changes in their lives! Love it. 

Being in the VC we get to see a lot of the missionaries when they come it right? Well the Assistants brought a nonmember and LA mum in to watch a movie. Well they called the night before to tell me they were bringing someone in at 6, The nonmember and Mum came in a little before 6 and waited around. But the assistants where running late so I just started the movie. Then the assistants come rolling up at like 6:15ish and they asked where they were. Naturally I said "oh...well..they were here but you were taking too they left..." I didn't let them freak out too long before I said "Nah, jokes they are watching the movie in the theatre" haha good times. 

We had out investigator Rachel come to the VC for a lesson. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and She is really excited to read it! She also came to a fireside we had at the VC Yesternight (the is my word of the day from the Book Of Mormon) she really enjoyed it! She is so great! Its amazing to see the hope that the gospel brings to someones life!! 

I met a girl named Katie. She is 14 and just great! We hung out at the VC she just clung to me and said she wanted me to be her big sister! Such a sweetie! But being with her made me miss my hoodlums! (my brothers and sisters..) Then It made me grateful to Heavenly Father for blessing me with the Best family for me. He knows me more than anyone so He knew I needed to have the best family and friends. And that is what He has given me! I don't know how often I tell my family just how much I love them..but I do love them Heaps!! At least 3 heaps. (which is quite alot) haha I am so grateful for this gospel and the privilege I have to bring it to the people in NZ! Such a tremendous blessing!! Love it and love you all!

Always Remember:
#1 Him. Our Savior and Redeemer. 
#2 Heavenly Father loves you and I do too <3
#3 Who you are and what you stand for!
#4 Smile!
#5 You are all the BEST! 

Have a supah Amazing week! you deserve it! But even if its not supah awesome, call upon Heavenly Father for help! Reach out to Christ! 

Love ya heaps! 
Kia Kaha! 
Sister Holmes

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