Sunday, September 15, 2013

"I like Dem Face"

Sister Holmes has been out in the field for 4 months! 14 more to go!! :D She's doing wonderfully out in NZ. I loved what she said about how the Lord doesn't always calm  the storm but instead calms the sailor. SO true and something that I certainly needed to hear this week. She shared some really excellent quotes so make sure you read the whole letter so that you can see how delightfully perfect they are. I love this gospel so much and I am so proud to say that my little sis is out serving the Lord and bringing those fabulous people of NZ to Christ! One thing that I really respect and adore about Sister Holmes is the way she can intertwine her humorous personality and her love of the gospel. I can see how that is beneficial in her teaching!! Can't wait to hear from her next week!! 

So the car? Its gone. I got into a car accident. Jokes. Jokes. I did not hit anything. But the previous elders did so they had to take it from us so that they could fix it. 

We went to the temple Tuesday!!! Man it was choice as!! LOVED IT!! We went up at 10 then went to the 11:30 shesh then stayed and had lunch with everyone if the caf. Only about half of the missionaries went. The other half went Friday. But It was a blast and really energizing! I love the temple sooo much and the Hamilton Temple is Beautiful!! All of  you should go to the temple this week! 

We have an investigator  we are working with she is 15 and from Japan. She is Hilarious! No Joke. Since she is 15 she talks about boys alot..haha She was talking about how much she loves Kiwi boys. Direct quotes: 
"I like Dem Face" 
"After 30-40 Kiwi Men are very Handsome! When I bored on the bus I look at handsome men. Then I see ahh his girlfriend fat"
She is a hoot! Love her! We are trying to get her up to the VC to show her some stuff in Japanese she was really excited that we had videos in Japanese. 

Man I love my companions and I love temple View!! I think I have talked about how we have Companion Study at the VC with all the Pre-missionaries. One came in and told us his papers were submitted and the other told us he is starting them today which we were not sure if he was going to go or not! Its GREAT!

We have continued to work with Less Actives which is really rewarding when they come back to church! 

I read a really good talk a few days ago and thought I would share a part of it. 
"At times there appears to be no light at the tunnel's end-no dawn to break the nights darkness. We are surrounded by the pain of broken hearts, the disappointment of Shattered dreams and the despair of vanished hopes. If you find yourself in such a situation I plead with you to turn to our Heavenly Father in Faith. He will lift you up and guide you. He will not always take your afflictions from you. BUT he will comfort and lead you through whatever Storm you face"- Thomas S. Monson 
Reading this reminded me of something that was said in sacrament meeting. That Heavenly Father might not always calm the storm but He can calm the Sailor. Which is SOOO true! He makes us strong enough to sail the sea of despair and heartache so that we can reach the beauty that this life has to offer! He calms us and builds us up so we can carry on! 
 and "regardless of how desperate things may seem or how desperate they may yet become you can always have hope. Always." M. Russel Ballard. 
 Have hope for a better day. Hope that the best is yet to come. Hope for the calm to come after the storm. 

Oh. Apparently I was taking in my sleep last night! I feel terrible! I guess I said something about a sidewalk and I guess it was really funny because I was giggling a heap. Man I feel bad! They both thought I was talking to them! Oh dear. 

Well this week was awesome! Ready for another!! Hope you all have a great one :) :) 

LOVE you heaps! 
Sister Holmes 

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