Monday, August 11, 2014

"Salvation Does Not Have a Bedtime!"

WOW! it's been a REALLY long time since I've updated Sister Holmes' blog! Our computer got stolen and I couldn't post from my phone (at least I don't think so). But, here I am now! I found out a friend of hers from New Zealand, Charlene, has been reading the blog so I definitely wanted to get something up here! Sister Holmes has been doing well these last few months! About 15-ish weeks left (or, as a friend of mine pointed out, 3 Fast Sundays!). I'm super excited for her to come home! I've missed her so insanely much since she's been out, but I know that it was where she was supposed to be and she has done/is doing so much good in NZ. So proud of her! Well, here is her letter:

One day I was tired and I just wanted to sleep...then I thought NO! Salvatoin does not have a bed time! haha 

Also, when you dont pay attention life will smack you in the face. Literally. I was walking and Looking at the ground and my mind was distracted...then I walked right into a tree branch! It was sharp. Luckily it didnt scratch my face up! That would have been an embarrassing story! "sister holmes what happened to your face??" "ohhh ummm I uhhh walked into a branch" I probably would have made up a story like how i stopped a run away train from smashing into huntly something like that. haha 

I got 7 Letters and a package this week. Felt so popular! Two were from Katikati! Love Katikati!! 

Oh! We have a rugby star coming and doing a fireside for us in a few weeks! Jonah Lamu! Everyone is really excited, I dont know him but I am excited too haha but because he is coming we have been going out with the ward and inviting all the Less actives and we have seen heaps of miracles! We have met a heaps of less actives that totally invited us to come back! Woot woot! 

Let us see, what else has happened this week. Gave talks in Church that was fun. We have about a million people in our biggie haha 

"whether it is the best of times or the worst of time. He is always with us. He has promised that and it will never change." Thomas S. Monson. 

I have been extremely grateful with week for being able to have the spirit. I dont know how people get on with out it! Its there to guide us and protect us. To just make us feel good! It can make us feel peace and happiness even when things suck and are not so great..haha It makes it so we never have to be alone. Never. 

I love yous all heaps and miss you heaps! 

Be good and have a good week :) 

Sista Holmes

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