Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ye Blind guides which strain at a gnat and swallow a Camel!

Okay. This one is from 2 weeks ago. I'm catching up! I positively LOVE the bit about the birds. The fact that ANOTHER bird pooped on her is so funny simply because she has been pooped on more than any other human I've ever known. I feel like if she would embrace and love those fine feathered creations of our Heavenly Father the whole pooping thing would decrease drastically. It's like they can sense her detest and poop on her just for fun. Also, imagining her having to eat raw fish is hilarious. She's so picky. It's wonderful. She also has a ton of really great spiritual things going on in here so get to reading! It's great :) enjoy.

See if you can find the subject line in the scriptures! No cheating. No using electronic devices!!!! Hint I read it the other day while reading in the 4 gospels...GO FIND!!!

Soo yous all know that I dont really have a fondness in my heart for birds...Another one even pooped on my shoulder this week! But I witness the worst thing! We were just walking along the road and Sister Pearce goes "what the heck is that bird doing??" I look and there is this bird in the middle of the road..frozen! It was just standing there not moving at all. Then Nek minit a car comes...I had to look away! But it didnt get hit.Several cars when by and still nothing. Seemed to be in the perfect spot to avoid all the cars. Until one turned...I have never seen something so sad! The poor little guy didn't move and then got RAN OVER! Man he was flopping all over the place! We went to try and help him..but it was too late..he was gone.Then to add to the sad scene he got ran over again! Sorry for the sad story but just thought I would share my tragic experience... now on to the happy stuff!
There is this less active family we have been working with and they are great! The husband is working on coming back to church and they were planning on his daughter being baptized on Friday (she was but that is another story)  Anyway they are Tongan super great and awesome. They always want to feed we went over there the other night and guess what they gave us! Raw fish. I was nervous. Okay lets be real. I was freakingout!! Really didnt want to eat it... But I ate as much as I could. It  makes me more keen to eat ANY fish that is cooked.
Their daughter that was baptized her name is Lona and she is 8 soo cute! We got to speak at her baptism which we didnt know about until 5 minutes before the service started..but all goods! Through something together quick..hopefully it made sense! haha 

We have been finding some really cool people to teach! Hopefully we can take someone down to the Visitor Centre! That would be the best! 

We had zone conference this week and that was really awesome! I always learn heaps from our Zone leaders! They are awesome and really fun! Elder Brann said "If we stop learning and progressing we are going against Heavenly Fathers Plan. That really reminded me that that is what we are here to do! To learn, to grow and to progress!

Also Elder Hester and Dellaca-the elders we double cover Pukekohe 2nd ward with are awesome. Elder Hester likes to repeat what we say in an America Accent...he thinks its crack up.. They are both really good missionaries. Elder Hester always says "What for ye laugh?" anytime I laugh at anything. Makes me laugh even more. He came out at the same time as  I did and we were in Temple View Zone together when we first came out.
Anyway! I think I have mentioned the 4 gospel reading challenge we have been given by President? I read something this week that I thought I would share! 
Its in Matthew 26:38-39
38 Then saith he unto them, My soul is aexceeding sorrowful, even unto death: tarry ye here, and bwatch with me.
39 And he went a little further, and fell on his face, and aprayed, saying, O my bFather, if it be possible, let this ccuppass from me: nevertheless not as I dwill, but as ethou fwilt.
Then I had to ask my self..I am watching and waiting for the Savior? OR am I sleeping? I have been thinking about Christ heaps since ya know its December when we celebrate His Birth. When I read that and read how his disciples had all fallen asleep while He was suffering so much. So much so that He "fell on His face" He asked if there was any other way. I wondered How the Heck could they fall asleep?? Did they not know what He was going through?? I cant remember ever falling on my face in pain and He did that for us. For you and for me that we may be freed. But some people do not know they are sleeping spiritually. We need to tell them to wake up! That they have divine potential!  I hope we call all be anxiously awaiting and watching for the Savior. That He can count on us to not fall asleep in this life. That we can follow His example and Heavenly Fathers plan for us. To learn, grow, progress and BE HAPPY! That is all I want for all of yous is to be happy. Only the gospel of Jesus Christ brings true and LASTING happiness.
I pray for yous everyday and hope you are doing well! I love you all HEAPS and HEAPS!! I also LOVE my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It is an honour and a privilege to be able to serve!
Oh I had Dr. Pepper this week. It was nice. They dont sell that a heap here so it was a special day!
Wow, I just feel and overwhelming sense of Love for all of yous right now! It makes me soo happy! Dont ever forget that I love you! Have a great week. No dont have a great week have a SUPAH AWESOME week!

Love Sister Holmes :)

Yay!! She got our package before Christmas :D

Sister Holmes with her new companion, Sister Pearce

Weird sign

They got SOAKED!

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