Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"The Church is TRUE the Book of Mormon is BLUE and I LOVE all of you!!"

Here's Sister Holmes' email for the week and also a TON of pictures! There are some funny ones that I so wish I could share...but she said if I posted them that I would die in 15 months. Worth it? Yes. But I don't want to make her upset with me so I shall with hold them. Bummer. 

Well this week had been a ball full of crazy! not really..it just went fast! 

I had a near death experience..Okay. Not really. I was taking on the trash Friday morning. I had my tights on but you know I couldn't be bothered with putting shoes on. SO I just ran outside real quick put the trash out and started running back to the house. The ground was wet as it normally because of the rain. I went and hopped up on the cement step and slipped da da da..my wet tights slid across the cement and I almost flew backwards. BUT thanks to my cat like reflexes I was able stop my self from falling. I escaped this treacherous experience with only a cluster of small cuts on my littlest finger. haha 

So President and sister Rudd came into the VC. We thought it was just a normal visit then they sat us down to tell us that we were getting another companion! She was waiting for her visa. Her name is Sister Ah Quin. She is Ahhhsome haha First thing I thought when I heard her name was AHHHkward. hahaha I doubt she will think that is as funny as I do.. She is from Hawaii. She has been out of 6 weeks and was previously in Colorado. She got here Friday which was actually a sweet as deal for sister swindler and I because we got to go to presidents house for Breakfast! Its was a blast! the Rudds are the best! 

OH happy NZFD!!! Aka happy New Zealand Fathers day! It was weird some wards had fast and testimony meeting and some switched it for next week so they could have breakfast in bed haha smart move. We went over to a members home for dinner last night and they had a slushie maker. SO we celebrated fathers day that way haha Slushies in Winter. 

Anyway Fathers day got me thinking about...well Fathers. My Heavenly Father, my Father and my Grandfather. So much so that we are sitting in one of the meetings and my eyes just kept filling up with tears! I Wasn't crying of course..Because missionaries DONT cry..But I was just overcome with gratitude for all the my Heavenly Father has blessed me with and all He continues to bless me with. Its amazing really. I do not deserve a fourth of what He gives me. Yet He showers me with blessings.   Then He gives me an earthly father to take care of me and a grandpa. They have done so much for me!! I think there is something wrong with my eyes..they keep filling up with this water like substance..I should get that checked.. Anyway. I am so grateful for everything That my Dad had done for me and how he continues to help and bless my life. Happy NZFD!!! 

So we went over to The Stone's for dinner Saturday night. What a treat that was! We ate dinner then Brother Stone wanted to play a song of us on the piano. He is 80 years old and hilarious! Anyway he has us all gather around and plays this song..He plays really well! Then all the sudden he stops! He jumps up and says AHH! We cant have a concert with out the lights!! Then he rushes over to the light switch and turns on these colorful bright lights Sits back down and continues to play. haha!! It was great! We had an impromptu concert! 

This week in the VC we have had some really keen people come in! It was really Great! 

We also have been meeting heaps on the members!! I love temple View! It is such a special place!! Love it and Love being a missionary!! 

We had the Pest control guy at our house this morning....We have...fleas. They dont bite me just sister swindler.. Which I am okay with :) haha jokes! I do not want my companion to get eaten. So hopefully the pest guy can get rid of them for us! 

It has been warming up! But yesterday we had something Sister Swindler calls "Sneaky Rain" I feel it can be sneaky in two ways #1 It can be 100% sunny out then like half and hour later...Boom. Rain so it Sneaks up on us. #2 It could be feel like Its barly raining..but then we end up being soaked! Yesterday we experienced #2 Sneaky rain. We were walking to an appointment and it was raining...didn't think it was too bad. But when we arrived. I felt like I had just jumped into a pool with all my clothes on then got out and went to our appointment. But I hear that the more rain that we work in the more attractive my husband will be..Guess we will have to wait and see ay? 

I was able to call my Bishop the other day Bishop Walton..unfortunately he did not answer.. I will have to have a talk with him about answering when I get back haha but The reason I called was because we are testing out a new phone system where we can make calls to anywhere in the world. Sweet as! I get to try and call again later this week to see if it works. 

We had a New Zealand Slang Lesson at one of our part member families home. Life makes sense now. I know all the ins and outs of New Zealand slang. Also we learned a Maori song with the actions. Pretty Awesome!  Another think they say here is "Nek Minut" which can be used in almost any situation. Sweet as. 

Well I love you all and hope you have a super great week! 

Sister Holmes :)  

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Sista Holmes, Sista Swindler, Elder Mcfarland, & Elder Sun
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This is the pork for her Cafe Rio pork salad...she's disgusted because it still has the little hairs on it. Gross.

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Cafe Rio salad final product

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