Monday, September 9, 2013

"Woah. I am In New Zealand vacuuming. Strange"

Another week gone!! I love hearing from my sister. It's the BEST!! She's doing so, so, so great out there. I'm SUPER proud!!!! Kinda bummed that she didn't send more pictures! But that's okay. Here's her Email for the week :)

Question: What wears bright colors and is always smiling?

Answer: SISTER Missionaries! I Have to give credit to Elder Krull for this joke. 

Kia Ora! 

Well I inherited a car! At least for the next couple of weeks! and I am the driver!! Its soo weird! Being on the other side of the road and having the steering wheel on the left side?? Ahhh!! But I have yet to hit anything and only was on the wrong side of the road for like 2 seconds haha But I am the only missionary to ever drive the assistants car who was not an assistant. Yes. I am pretty cool ;) haha Jokes. 

But since we have the car we are able to go out and visit all the flash houses that are far away! They have never had missionaries come visit them! So that has been out adventure this week. Also driving alot... We have 1000 Ks and we haven't even used a fourth of that so we have alot of more driving we can do :D 

We had companion exchanges this week. I was with a Sister Baird. She is from England! So all of our plans and back up plans for the day had fallen through. I feel like when that happens there is somewhere we need to be. We just have to figure out where that some where is..and I think we did! We were walking and say this lady by her car, she was carried a heap of stuff so we offered to help. She invited us in. Turns out she was a Less active lady who had just recently been divorced and was having a hard time. We talked with her and I shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon. It was great and we knew that she was the person we were supposed to see. Dont you just LOVE Heavenly Father? He guides us to those who need someone and sometimes we dont even see how He is helping us until after. 

So sometimes I forget I am in New Zealand. It will hit me that I am in another country at random times or the day. Today it was while I was vacuuming. I was just you know singing along to my Sons of Provo cd and you know vacuuming and then all of the sudden I was like "Woah. I am In New Zealand vacuuming. Strange." haha 

OH MAN!! We GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE TOMORROW!!! I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!! I have missed it! Its going to be heaps of fun! Half of the mission is going tomorrow then the other half Friday. YEY!! :D 

So alot of what we do is working with Preparing missionaries. One of the boys we are working with is leaving Thursday!! I am so excited for him! He went through the temple last week. Its funny how hearing and seeing people progress just makes me soo happy! Sean, the guy that was baptized in July he told me that he just went and did baptisms for the dead! Man I could not stop smiling! He loved it!!! Being a missionary is the best thing ever!!  

I do have to say that this past week has been one of the funniest weeks ever. I don't think I have ever laughed so much in my life. My companions are a crack up! Love them! 

Sunday was a miracle! We had a lady we have been working with come back to church! She stayed the whole time and brought her non member husband. I love it!! 

Want to know a funny term that I picked up? Biscuit pusher. They call cookies here biscuits. So if someone it a biscuit pusher they just eat wayyy to many cookies and are pretty chubby. I am a biscuit pusher.. hahaha! 

Well this week has as tony the tiger would say GRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAT!   Hope you all feel that way as well! I love and miss you all heaps! 

I know that the church is true! I love My Heavenly Father for blessing me with all of you! You are the best! May the Force be with you! 

Sister Holmes :) 

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Can't see her very well, but she's there!

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