Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Melting like a popsicle on the 4th of July"

Here's Sister Holmes' email for the week! Sorry it's late. My hubby was out of town and had the computer, but better late than never, right? Right. Anywho, the picture of her wearing the Tiger shirt cracks me up super hard because of the caption she sent with it and the reasoning behind it. BACKSTORY! Holmes Girls' La-La-LOVE musicals ESPECIALLY Les Miserables. I'm pretty sure she's been looking for a tiger shirt since the movie came out just so she could say "and the tigers come at night". Gosh. END BACKSTORY! She's doing really well in NZ. I laughed about how excited she was for a member bringing them Wendy's. haha Oh, Sister Holmes. Welp, here's her email and some fun pictures!

If it was possible I would say this week went Flew by. But seeing as weeks cannot fly I will just say it went by supa fast! 

SO the Subject line? yeah NZ weather confuses me! It was super cold then it was warm and raining then cold then warm and raining..which is terrible! Sister qaqa and I were like Popsicle then I realized that for that to be logical in NZ I would have to say melting like a Popsicle on Christmas haha NOW to the good stuff!
Okay so we do alot of role playing on the mission right? It is something that freaks me out a bit but I am getting used to it. Thats not that point.. So we had zone meeting last Thursday and we had to do a role play on teaching about faith unto repentance. We had to teach the Assistants to the President. They are no different than the other Elders...BUT we were still nervous. Anyway they had a concern and we had to teach them and use the spirit to dicern what their concern was.  We did the role play and it went well then I didn't really think anything of it UNTIL..later that day we visited with a Less Active in our ward. You know same ol same ol we were just catching up with her then we got on the subject of the temple, she has not been to the temple-her husband is a non-member. And what do you know she has the same concern that we role played with the assistants! We were able to help her and reassure her. We told her going to the temple is like going Home.It was awesome. She has made it a goal to get to the temple and take the steps necessary to get her there. I was awesome. Man funny story with her too.....the first time we went to visit her we knock on the door and she was busy so we asked if there was a time we could come back she said no...dont come back..BUT..we went back anyway haha we have visited with her a few times now and this last time she said we cant leave because she NEEDS us. I was like man! The Spirit really can change peoples hearts!! It is truly wonderful! I Mean we went from..hey don't come back to..I NEED you two!! Our God is a God of Miracles!  

SPEAKING of the spirit changing people..There was this young lady, Selena, two elders brought into the VC a few weeks ago. She was pretty quiet didnt really look at us a whole lot. We gave the tour and everything and then they left. A few weeks later She came back in with the same elders for a fireside. At first we didnt recognize her but there was just something different about her. She was happy and smiling. She remembered us we talked for a bit then she went in for the fireside. Then we are like man..she seems different she even looked different. Then the Elder came up and was like yeah. She was baptized! Man I love this church! I love how it can change people for the BETTER! How you can see it work inside someone for good! SOooo stinking awesome. 

Saturday was super busy at the VC. There were tons of big groups that wanted tours and a bunch of missionaries brought their investigators in for tour! It was PACKED! Like supa packed.
So our Recent convert Sean called us up on firday and was like "hey whatt are yous up to" They he asked if we could have a lesson. When I first got into the area it was like pulling teeth getting him to a lesson. But now if he cant make it to one he will call us and tell us when he wants one! Its the same with him as it is with Selena. You can see a change within them and its sooo awesome. He was able to help bless the sacrament on sunday!! :D Yey! We taught him about the word of wisdom. haha it was funny he asked about the eat meat sparingly then we talked to him about it. They next day we went over to a members home they were having lunch and lesson with Sean and some other families. They were having steak. Sean was like..yeah I only ate one piece of steak. I am obeying the word of wisdom. haha funny funny.
Yesterday the Mission Prep class had a fireside at the VC. There was like 150+ people there! It we had to keep finding more places for people to sit! It was good because there was a lot of less active and non members! I stamp that a success!
Transfers are this week! We find out like Wednesday what all is until then I have not clue! I just know that the flat we are in now is going to be shut down so we have to clean it in preperatoin for that..There is so much missionary....stuff..haha in there! There has been sisters living in there for like years and years! meh... But you know its really comforting knowing that I can be sent to the wrong place you know? Like I know where ever I go it where I am supposed to be. I trust and Love Heavenly Father. He is the best.
Well thank you all for being awesome!! I love and miss you!! Have a GREAT WEEK!!!
Oh ps. a member brought us Wendy's for dinner..the chips-fries for you Americans- tasted exactly like the ones back home but the burger was better...who would have thought. It is also like 2Xs the price. Crazy.
Love you :) 
Sister Holmes/Melissa 

Her Favorite....Swedish Fish!

& The Tigers Come at Night..with their voices soft as thunder...oh Gosh.

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