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Fantastic to hear from Sister Holmes this week! :) She's doing great and I really, really, really hardcore love this Email. It's so fun to hear her talk like a "missionary" and I can see how much she is growing and changing with each letter and email she sends. I know I say this like EVERY post, but she really is a great example to her family and all those that she has come/will come in contact with. Here's her email and some random pictures :)

So we had transfers and the out come is.........................................................................................................................................................................
Still in temple View! Only difference is I am with Sister Swindler, we were in the MTC together and we are now covering all 5 wards on top of serving in the VC. Needless to say we are pretty busy. And there are now only 2 companionships in the VC. busy, busy, busy.
This week was good. Consisted of alot of moving around, for me it was not too bad, I just moved my stuff from the flat to the house just down the street. It was only like 3 houses down from the flat. So that was nice. I am going to miss Sister Qaqa, she is one of the new sister training leaders now and she is up in Auckland.
This week we have been meeting with the Bishops of the new wards and trying to get to meet as many people as possible in out area. There are alot of people to meet!!
Before transfers we were able to have dinner at president Rudd's house. That is just one of the perks of being close to his house! But its pretty cool to be able to see him so often.
We have 2 wards at 9am 2 wards at 11am and 1 ward at 1pm. It is a bit overwhelming but I know that the Lord will quide and direct us down the path we need to take.
We had a fireside last night...It went alrighish haha I had to give the spiritual thought. The theme of the Fireside was Thanks to Christ. I read the Poem Footsteps. One thing I have learned is how the atonement applies to everyone, in everyday and in everyway. There is nothing that we are going through that Christ has not felt. There is no pain or sorrow that He cannot remove. Even when we feel like we are alone helplessly abandonded by everyone. We are not. Jesus Christ suffered for US SO THAT WE WILL NEVER HAVE TO BE ALONE. My counsel to you my dear friends and loving family is to TRUST that you are never alone. Have faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement. Have the Hope that the best is yet to come. Pray for the warm and loving arms of the Savior to surround you. Seek to find the Lords hand in your life and you WILL KNOW PEACE.You WILL KNOW PURE JOY. The trials and challenges will be but steping stones towards your eternal progression. The Adversary will have NO power over you. The man who suffered all things is on our side. He wants us to succeed. If we place our faith in Him and do what He asks of us there is no possible consivable way we can fail. I know this to be true.
I love you all  more than you can possibly imagine. But you know..that love I have for you is nothing compared to the Love that our Heavenly Father has for each one of us.
I am so blessed to be able to serve my Lord and Savior in His redemptive work. I love Him and am so greatful for all He has given me.
You are all wonderful and I hope you have a super wonderfuly awesome week!!!
LOVE YOU ALL TONS (Lots of love pounds)
Sister Holmes

All I can think of is Mary Poppins when I see this. But she looks cute nonetheless!!

not sure....

Sister Holmes and Sister Swindler

Somebody made sushi and guess what? She ATE it! I am SHOCKED! this mission is changing her in more ways than one!

Sister Holmes & Sister Swindler

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