Sunday, March 9, 2014

I got hit in the head with a pigeon

What a great email! She provided some very spiritual insights along with some funny stories. I love seeing her grow through her stories and experiences. It's pretty awesome! 

It seems like even if its a hard week Heavenly Father always gives me millions of reasons to smile. Which is nice, because I love to smile and I smile thinking about how much He loves me! Oh and yous haha 

I crazy as pigeon flew into my head the other day. It was sick as....also I screamed pretty loud. Normally I dont scream but man I just dont like birds!  

This week was a hard week for our ward. We had two people pass away amongst other bad news. Man, I have realized that I have this problem that if someone is crying I cry too. We have these neighbors Heather and Amber and heathers husband Kenny passes awayWednesday night. Heather and Amber are just about the sweetest most loving people. They called us Thursday morning to let us know. Just that week Kenny had decided to start taking the missionary lessons.Kenny referred to us lovingly as the Nuns haha Heather was so upset as she has a right to be and I cant help but crying with her. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have a loving Heavenly Father who has a plan for each of us. I have been reflecting on that heaps this week and my love for my Father in Heaven has grown so much more. I know  that this life on earth was not the beginning and is not the end. We have a purpose here!! Hhhhhh makes me soo happy.
Sooo I made 4 liters of cookie dough this week haha and gave them to all the people. Man They LOVED the American cookies and even admitted they were heaps better than New Zealand Biscuits. Score for America! Brother Jones severed in Colorado and he had not had American cookies for ages so we made him some. He was so excited! He said he was driving and said "I am just going to eat later" haha He brought us back some yum as chocolate from his business trip! 
And Sister Wikaria made us have Tim Tam slams or chocolate straws. Which Tim Tams are like the best things ever. Cookies with creamy middles covered in chocolate. So what  you do is bite off the ends of the cookie. Dip it in your milo or hot cocoa and suck up the milo which melts the middle and it falls apart and you have to slam it into your mouth. Holy cow. that is all I can say. Its dangerous because its so good!
haha so I decided that the only way to be a good missionary is to love the people....that is the only way to teach them. Love them like Christ would love them. But that also makes it hard for when these people use agency to make another choice! Its sooo hard! But Heavenly Fathers loves us soo much! He lets us choose.
Remember Shanti, our miracle baptism? She is doing wonderful!!! I love her! She is the cutest! She knows about transfers and that we might be leaving and she said the closing prayer for us and she prayed that we would be safe and He would watch over us. She started I starting crying! Missionary work is the best!
I just love all the people! I am so grateful for everything that I have learned being out on my mission and all the people I have met! I love everything about it! Its hard, yes. But its the hardest fun I have ever had!! and I cant wait to one day have the biggest best reunion in Heaven with all my best friends that we knew in the Pre existence we would get to hang out in New Zealand together! hhhhhh Love. love.LOVE!!!!
Well hope yous all have a supah awesome week! Love you!! 

Kia Toa
Kia Kaha
Be Brave.
Be Strong.
Sister Holmes :)

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