Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"It's like Utah with more Mormons!'

In her letter to me (Jessika), she said that New Zealand wasn't what she expected! She's in the city and as the post title says, "It's like Utah with more Mormons!" That's SO something she would say! She found my work key in the pocket of the jacket I lent her for her mission. It was found in the pocket with the hole in it, so now that jacket has been dubbed the "Holy" jacket. A.) because it has a hole in it, and B.) It has a missionary tag on it! 
Pretty spectacular! Here is the email she sent to her family:

This is in the VC! Sister Qaqa is my companion. its pronounced Gunga. she is from fuji 

(VC = Visitor Center)

Sister Holmes & Sister QaQa

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