Sunday, June 16, 2013

"Alpaca my bags and leave"

So good to hear from Sister Holmes this week! You can see she hasn't lost her 'special' humor! ;] She cracks me up. The whole Alpaca thing made me laugh out loud. She's still loving it out there and is doing such a fantastic job!! Love and miss this girl! She sent her family lots of pictures, which makes us all very happy! :) Here ya go! 

WELLLLL Hellooooo everyone!! Hope you are all doing GREAT!!
Its been super rainy and cold here!!! 

I had my very first "boil Up" the other day. Apparently its a really big Kiwi thing. They put everything in a pot and boil it up.. Sounds gross looks worse but tastes AWESOME!!!
Man it gets super foggy here! Its crazy!! On the way back from the VC we could only see like 5 ft infront of the car. And the temple disappeared from sight!! We joked that if you cant see the temple its time to go home haha
OH YA!! We had a meeting with Salt lake it was some additional training and they upped our chats and extended our hours which is awesome so now we can stay on longer and talk to more people!! I love chat! You get some crazy people of there but its so great to be able to teach people online! Love it!!
We went and had lunch in the temple! It was nice to be able to see the inside! Its Beautiful of course. But I forget they call French fries "Chips" also anything candy is called "lollies"
I made cookies for a nonmember family  we went and visited! They have 11 kids!! We helped them around the house and are going back this week! Awesome
We went and visited A sister in one of our wards that had Alpacas... There were 3 of them laying on the ground and she goes "Oh 3 more are dead dear..." 
I was like oh my gosh! She is so causal about her dead alpacas...they she said she was kidding and that there were sleeping. Man I was like okay I guess I'll alpaca my bags and leave...haha puns.
Ready for another great wet and rainy week!!
Happy Fathers day!! NZ fathers day is in September..

Happy Birthday dad!! You are the best!!!
Love you all!!! :)
Sister Holmes :) :)  

Becka & I joked that she probably left half of the batter in the fridge. She was super notorious for doing that here !

I'm guessing this is for the "Boil Up"

Sister Holmes and her companion :)

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